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Communication PVC Conduit Reducer-Coupling

Key Features and Benefits

  • Versatile Compatibility: Joins different PVC conduit sizes securely and effectively.
  • High-Quality Material: Durable, medium-duty PVC for long-lasting performance and wear resistance.
  • Easy Installation: Quick and effortless installation, simplifying the process and saving time.
  • Cost-Effective: Efficient and affordable solution, saving time and resources.


Communication PVC Conduit Reducer-Coupling

Seamlessly Connect Different Conduit Sizes

Convic Australia supplies high-quality Communication PVC Conduit Reducer-Couplings, also known as reducing couplings, reducing couplers, or coupling reducers. Designed to join conduits of different sizes seamlessly, these fittings can be easily glued onto the PVC conduits using blue solvent cement, ensuring a strong and durable bond. Essential for technicians and contractors, they provide a reliable and durable connection in various communication installations.


Key Features and Benefits

  • High-Quality Material: Made from durable, medium-duty PVC, offering long-lasting performance and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for quick and effortless installation, these reducer-couplings simplify the process of joining different conduit sizes, saving time and effort.
  • Reliable Performance: Ensures a secure and stable connection between conduits of varying sizes, enhancing the safety and efficiency of your communication systems.
  • Cost-Effective: Offers an efficient and affordable solution for joining pipes and conduits, saving time and resources.



Ideal for a range of communication applications, our Communication PVC Conduit Reducer-Couplings are perfect for:

  • Communication installations in residential, commercial, and industrial settings
  • Projects requiring the integration of different conduit sizes to ensure a seamless communication pathway


Custom Fabrication

At Convic Australia, we understand that every project is unique. That’s why we offer custom fabrication for our reducer-couplings, catering to any size requirement you may have. We provide quick turnaround times to meet your project deadlines effectively.


Versatile Size Options

We supply our reducer-couplings in any size required, with common sizes including:

  • 150mm – 100mm PVC
  • 100mm – 80mm PVC
  • 100mm – 50mm OD PVC
  • 100mm – 50mm ID PVC
  • 100mm – 50mm PVC
  • 50mm ID – 50mm ID PVC
  • 32mm – 25mm PVC
  • 25mm – 20mm OD PVC


This variety ensures you can find the perfect fit for any communication installation involving conduits of different sizes. However, please note that we cannot manufacture some of the larger diameter step downs or reductions in diameter size as a one-piece reducer. Instead, we will glue together a multi-part reducer to create one reducer. For clarification on a specific size, speak to a team member at Convic Australia.


Differentiating Austel and Telstra/NBN Sizes

In communication applications, it is crucial to understand the specific size distinctions for proper installation:

  • 20mm and 50mm Sizes: The Austel standard measures these sizes from the outside diameter, while the Telstra/NBN standard, also used in rail projects, measures from the inside diameter. This difference is vital for ensuring compatibility with service requirements.
  • 100mm Size: This size is standardized and identical across both Austel and Telstra/NBN specifications, simplifying the installation process for this dimension.

Understanding these distinctions is essential to ensure your installations meet the required specifications and perform optimally. Always verify the required standard before proceeding with the installation to avoid compatibility issues.


Why Choose Convic Australia?

Convic Australia supplies high-quality, reliable products that meet your specific needs. Our Communication PVC Conduit Reducer-Couplings are just one example of our dedication to excellence, ensuring you have the best tools and components for your projects. Trust Convic Australia to deliver exceptional products and unparalleled customer service every time. Contact us today to learn more about our reducer-couplings and custom fabrication options.