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Communication PVC White Conduit Bend Sweep 100mm × 11 Deg × 600mm Radius

  • 100mm outside diameter: The diameter dimension of the conduit bend
  • 11-degree angle: The bends angle in which it changes directions
  • 600mm radius: The curvature of the conduit bend, determining the shape


A Communication PVC Medium Duty Sweeping Bend is a type of PVC conduit bend that is used in communication systems to make sweeping turns or gradual changes in direction. Unlike a standard PVC bend, which has a sharp angle, a sweeping bend has a more gradual curve, allowing for smoother transitions in the routing of communication cables. This type of bend is commonly used in situations where a sharp angle would be difficult to navigate or would cause undue stress on the cables. The use of sweeping bends can help to minimize cable damage and improve the overall performance of the communication system.






*Dimensions are a rough guide and may not be exact to what is supplied


Communications, Telstra & NBN Conduit Pipe, Bends and Fittings are manufactured using conduit that meets the requirements of AS/NZS 2053:2:2001 License No SMKP21872, AMI 74805 & complies with Energy Queensland, Ausgrid, Essential Energy, Telstra, Endeavour Energy, Main Roads Jemena, Ausnet & Powercor technical specifications technical specifications.