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Sector Solutions

Building and Civil

Convic Australia is a major supplier to the civil, subdivision and VicRoad projects. We not only supply but have designed pits and our Stronglite lids for the authorities.


Convic Australia is a major supplier to some of the largest infrastructure projects in Australia including the Metro Tunnel, West Gate Tunnel and many others. We supply all of their needs with 24 hour, 7 days a week service.

Irrigation & Rural

Convic Australia supplies to a vast range of irrigation projects and also have designed our Stronglite lids for the water authorities.


Convic Australia is a leading design and supplier to the rail authorities including VicTrack, V/Line and ARTC. We have developed many products to provide a solution for many projects in the rail industry.


Convic Australia is a supplier of all types of pits, conduits, bends & fitting to suit Telstra, NBN, VicTrack and VicRoad projects.

Power & Energy

Convic Australia has a complete range of products to provide for the power and energy sector. This includes concrete pits, poly pits, conduits and accessories. We offer the complete range of products as a one stop shop.