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Communication PVC White Conduit Coupling Bore 110mm to 110mm

110mm Poly Pipe – 110mm Poly Pipe Communication Adaptor


A communication bore pipe coupling is a fitting used to connect two sections of communication bore pipe together. Communication bore pipes are underground pipes that are used to run communication cables, such as telephone, internet, or cable television signals.
The comms bore pipe coupling, which is made of PVC. is designed to securely join two sections of communication bore pipe and create a continuous underground conduit for the communication cables.
The use of comms bore pipe couplings helps to ensure a secure connection between sections pipe, providing a reliable and safe method for the transmission of communication signals. They are typically used during the installation of communication bore pipes, either in new construction projects or during the maintenance and upgrading of existing systems.
Comms bore pipe couplings are important components in the installation of communication networks, helping to ensure the continuity and reliability of communication services.