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300mm x 300mm x 300mm GRC Cable Pit

GRC: Did you know?

It can be used wherever traditional concrete
is required
It’s not brittle like polymer so it won’t shatter
There’s no need to concrete encase
Easy pipe entries so no need to core drill
Pipe entries can be made in any location
It’s engineered for all load ratings
Approved to depths of 5 metres
It contains no conductive and corrosive steel

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300mm x 300mm x 300mm GRC Cable Pit (12KG)



Type Internal Clear Opening Size Depth Overall Width (a) Overall Length (b) Weight (kg)
Pit 300×300 300 330 330 12



Mechanical properties
Compressive strength
The enclosure’s wall/base is subject to compressive loads in use and needs to withstand specific loads 80MPa typical
Flexural strength
Affects site handling and when enclosure is installed in areas where encasement and soils are suspect 24MPa
Tensile strength
Generally only relevant to an enclosure’s lid/cover 20MPa
Thermal/Electrical properties
Water absorption
The enclosure’s wall/base is designed to keep moisture away from its contents where possible < 5%
Electrical resistivity
The electrical insulation capability of an enclosure’s materials 1 x 108 Ω/sq
Freeze thaw
Inability to withstand freeze-thaw cycles causes surface spoiling and leads ultimately to an enclosure’s failure Modulus of elasticity unchanged
Coefficient of expansion/contraction
Excessive movement between enclosure’s wall/base and encasement materials (usually concrete) creates unwanted stresses which may lead to failure 10 x 10-6 deg C
Water vapour transmission
WVT is a measure of water vapour flow through a material. Passage of water vapour may be critical in some instances 1 x 10-4 gm/s. Mn
Surface properties
Surface burning
Cable enclosures are often used around petrol stations, chemical processing and interior applications and may be subject to fire. They should be nonflammable and not give off fumes or smoke Non combustible. Ignitability: P Fire propagation: 0 Flame spread: Class 1 Fire resistance: 1 hour for 10mm thickness
The majority of cable enclosures are used in exterior applications. Ability to withstand adverse weather will ensure long service life (erosion, UV degradation, etc.) UV Stable Good as H.S. Concrete
Chemical Resistance
Cable enclosures may be subject to acidic or soils Excellent. Equivalent to 80MPa concrete