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32mm x Per Metre Black Subduct Drum (PE100 SDR17 PN10)

32mm x Per Metre Black Subduct Drum (PE100 SDR17 PN10)



A 32mm black subduct pipe is a type of underground piping used to protect and conceal cables, wires, and other utilities. The “32mm” refers to the nominal diameter of the pipe, which is approximately 1-1/4 inches. The pipe is black in color and made of a durable material, such as polyethylene or PVC. The term “subduct” refers to its use as a duct or conduit to carry and protect the buried utilities. This size of subduct pipe is commonly used for residential and light commercial applications.

The drum sizes vary but will typically hold between 2000m – 4000m of the subduct pipe.


to standard AS/NZS 4130

DIMENSIONS MIN ( mm ) MAX ( mm )
OD 32 32.3
WT 1.9 2.2
ID Ref 28.05  


Industry standard practice for use of Polyethylene material in conduits is to use the Polyethylene (PE) pipe standard AS/NZS 4130, for dimensional specification.

Condit Standard AS/NZS 2053.1 does not specifically reference use of Polyethylene. However applicable general requirements of this standard are referenced bellow.


  • Conduit is clearly marked with information to clause 6.4 (a to g) and 6.2.
  • The Communication conduit is coloured WHITE and is duty rated as indicated below, in accordance with the general requirements of AS/NZS 2053.1 clause 6.1(f).
  • Note, however, that his standard refers to “duty” without reference to material or dimensions. A suitable rating of pipe has been selected and accepted within the industry for use in Heavy Duty applications.
  • The service temperature for HDPE conduit is 0°C to 60°C (clause 6.1(g)