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32mm x Per Metre White Subduct Drum (PE100 SDR13.6 PN12.5)

32mm x Per Metre White Subduct Coil (PE100 SDR13.6 PN12.5)


A 32mm white subduct pipe is a type of underground piping used to protect and conceal cables, wires, and other utilities. The pipe is white in colour and made of a durable material, High Density Polyethylene material (HDPE). High-Density Polyethylene has a high resistant to attack by most chemicals making it most suitable for use as a conduit to protect Power and Data cabling.

This size of subduct pipe is VicTrack approved and specified for their work.


to standard AS/NZS 4130

DIMENSIONS MIN ( mm ) MAX ( mm )
OD 32 32.3
WT 1.9 2.2
ID Ref 28.05


Industry standard practice for use of Polyethylene material in conduits is to use the Polyethylene (PE) pipe standard AS/NZS 4130, for dimensional specification.

Condit Standard AS/NZS 2053.1 does not specifically reference use of Polyethylene. However applicable general requirements of this standard are referenced bellow.


  • Conduit is clearly marked with information to clause 6.4 (a to g) and 6.2.
  • The Communication conduit is coloured WHITE and is duty rated as indicated below, in accordance with the general requirements of AS/NZS 2053.1 clause 6.1(f).
  • Note, however, that his standard refers to “duty” without reference to material or dimensions. A suitable rating of pipe has been selected and accepted within the industry for use in Heavy Duty applications.
  • The service temperature for HDPE conduit is 0°C to 60°C (clause 6.1(g)