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50mm PVC Black PE Pit Bush

50mm PVC Black PE Pit Bushes


A black bore pipe pit spigot bush is a type of fitting used in underground communication or electrical conduit systems. It is used to connect a polyethylene (PE) pipe to a pit, either poly or concrete pits. The pit spigot bush has two ends, one that fits into the conduit and another that is fixed into the pit. This creates a secure connection between the pipe and the pit.  The pit spigot bush is usually made of a durable material such as PVC, which is resistant to corrosion and can withstand various environmental conditions. To install the pit spigot bush, it is important to use a suitable adhesive or cement to ensure a secure connection. In addition to connecting the conduit to the pit, the pit spigot bush also provides a smooth transition between the pipe and the pit, which helps prevent cable damage. The bell-shaped end of the pit spigot bush helps guide the cable into the pipe and reduces the risk of cable damage from sharp edges in the pit. In summary, the bore pipe pit spigot bush is an important component to connecting a pipe to a pit, as it provides a secure connection and helps prevent cable damage.