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Communication PVC White Rigid Conduit Sandwich Core Telstra Branded 50mm ID X 4.5m


A Telstra communication PVC sandwich conduit is a rigid plastic piping used to protect and house communication and data cables. It has a smooth interior wall and is designed to shield cables from external factors and facilitate pulling of cables during installation and maintenance. These pipes are resistant to corrosion, UV light, and chemicals, making it a reliable option for both above-ground and underground installations. For Telstra jobs, Telstra-branded conduit is required, but this requirement does not apply to NBN or Austel communication works.



Telstra Code Nominal Size (mm) Mean Max O.D. Dm (mm) Wall Thickness T (mm) Mean Max Socket OD (mm) Socket Length L1 (mm) Effective Length L (m) Approx. Weight (kg) Bundle Quantity Crate Quantity
73/95 50 60.4 3.1 68 64 4.5 3.4 5 167


AS/NZS 2053.2:2001