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Austel Communication PVC Conduit Medium-Duty

Key Features and Benefits

  • Telecommunication Use: Specifically designed for protecting data, phone, and TV cables.
  • Standards Compliance: Meets Austel standards for Australian installations.
  • UV Stabilized: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, preventing UV damage.
  • Clear Identification: White color for easy distinction
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Austel Communication Medium-Duty PVC Conduit

Convic Australia – Your Trusted Supplier for Quality Communication Conduits

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your telecommunications installations with Convic Australia’s high-quality Austel Communication Medium-Duty PVC Conduit. Our robust and durable conduit meets all your cabling needs, ensuring the safety and longevity of your communication systems.


Key Features:

  • Superior Mechanical Protection: Our medium-duty conduit, made from durable PVC, provides excellent mechanical protection for your communication cables, ensuring long-lasting safety and reliability.
  • Designed for Communication Use: Specifically engineered for telecommunication installations, this conduit is exceptionally strong and reliably protects data, phone, and TV cables.
  • Compliance and Standards: Meets Austel requirements, ensuring you comply with Australian standards for communication installations.
  • UV Stabilized: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, our conduit is UV stabilized to prevent brittleness from exposure to harmful UV rays.
  • Safety Measures: Clearly identifiable by its white color, making it easy to distinguish from electrical conduits and ensuring proper use and installation.
  • Professional Use: Trusted by technicians and communication professionals worldwide, our Austel conduit is a staple in telecommunication installations, offering reliable performance every day.


Why Use Austel Conduit?

  • Mechanical Protection: Medium-duty and robust, designed to protect communication cables from physical damage.
  • Telecommunication Installation: Ideal for concealing and protecting data, phone, and TV cables, offering superior strength and durability.
  • Clear Identification: White color makes it easy to distinguish from electrical conduits, preventing installation errors and ensuring safety.


Available Sizes:

Our Austel Communication Medium-Duty PVC Conduit comes in various diameter sizes, all available in 4m lengths:

  • 20mm
  • 25mm
  • 32mm
  • 50mm
  • 80mm
  • 100mm


Understanding Telecommunication Conduit:

Telecommunication conduit is essential for protecting data, phone, and TV cables. It provides mechanical protection, ensuring the integrity and performance of your communication systems. The white color of the conduit makes it easily identifiable, preventing confusion with electrical conduits.


Austel vs. Telstra and NBN Conduit:

Key Differences:

  1. Measurement Standards:
    • Austel Conduits:
      • For 20mm and 50mm sizes, Austel communication conduit is measured by the outside diameter, ensuring a precise fit for telecommunication cables.
      • For 80mm and 100mm sizes, Austel conduit is measured by the inside diameter.
    • Telstra and NBN Conduits:
      • Both Telstra and NBN conduits measure the 20mm and 50mm sizes by the inside diameter, which specifically differs from the Austel measurement standards.
      • This affects the fit and protection level of the cables, highlighting the importance of understanding and using the correct conduit type for your installations.


Why Choose Convic Australia?

At Convic Australia, we pride ourselves on supplying only the best communication conduits that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Our Austel Communication Medium-Duty PVC Conduit is ideal for any project requiring reliable cable protection and management. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and competitive pricing to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Protect your telecommunication installations with Convic Australia’s Austel Communication Medium-Duty PVC Conduit. Contact us today to place your order or to learn more about our extensive range of communication products. Contact us today!


Convic Australia – Your Partner in Communication Solutions


Product Code 
Nominal Size  (mm)
Mean O.D. (mm)
Mean I.D. (mm)
Mean Wall (mm)
Socket Length (mm)
Weight (kg)
Length (m)
Pack Quantity
COMCON20 20 19.9 16.0 2.0 16 0.7 4 1050
COMCON25 25 24.9 21.0 2.0 20 0.9 4 770
COMCON32 32 31.9 27.4 2.3 25 1.3 4 480
COMCON50 50 49.9 44.0 3.0 40 2.8 4 240
COMCON80 80 88.9 81.3 3.8 73 6.6 4 104
COMCON100 100 114.3 104.6 4.9 99 10.9 4 63
COMCON100-6 100 114.3 104.6 4.9 99 16.2 6 63


AS/NZS 2053.2:2001 – Conduits and fittings for electrical installations – Rigid plain conduits and fittings for insulating material.