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BlackMAX® Polypropylene Pipe 600mm

BlackMAX® stormwater drainage pipes and fittings are made from premium polypropylene and PVC materials, providing the following benefits:
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Smooth internal surface
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ideal for industrial and mining applications
  • Corrosion resistance in harsh environments
  • Maintains high water quality
  • 100% recyclable
  • Water-tight rubber ring joint system
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BlackMAX®: The Cost-Effective and Reliable Drainage Solution

Discover the exceptional benefits of BlackMAX® Polypropylene Pipe 600mm, the superior choice for efficient and durable drainage solutions. Engineered with advanced technology, BlackMAX® offers improved hydraulic performance, exceptional durability, and cost-effectiveness for a wide range of applications.

Exceptional Durability and Resistance

Manufactured from high-quality polypropylene, BlackMAX® pipes provide excellent resistance to corrosive environments in drainage, sewerage, and industrial wastewater systems. With exceptional durability and resistance to aggressive ground conditions, such as acid sulphate soils or saline ground waters, BlackMAX® ensures a long-lasting and reliable drainage system.

Structural Performance and Installation Efficiency

BlackMAX® features a profile wall structure with a smooth inner wall and a profiled outer wall, providing enhanced structural performance. Its lightweight construction allows for easy maneuverability, even in confined areas, resulting in efficient installation and significant cost savings.

Superior Hydraulic Performance

Designed with a smooth inner bore, BlackMAX® Polypropylene Pipe 600mm ensures optimal hydraulic performance. The smooth surface minimizes the risk of scale and sediment build-up, ensuring uninterrupted water flow and efficient drainage, even in demanding situations.

Watertight and Easy Assembly

The BlackMAX® rubber ring joint system meets stringent standards, ensuring a reliable and watertight pipe system. The joint system is designed for easy assembly and jointing in the trench, streamlining the installation process and saving time and effort.

Flexible and Customizable

BlackMAX® pipes offer flexibility on-site, allowing for easy adjustments and connections with fittings. This flexibility enables seamless customization and adaptability to specific project requirements, enhancing overall installation efficiency.

Convic Australia: Your Reliable Source for BlackMAX® Pipes

BlackMAX® sets a new standard for efficient and durable drainage solutions. With its exceptional durability, resistance to corrosive conditions, structural integrity, excellent hydraulic performance, and ease of installation, BlackMAX® is the cost-effective and reliable choice for drainage systems. Optimize your drainage infrastructure by choosing BlackMAX® for your next project.

Convic Australia takes pride in providing top-quality products like BlackMAX® Polypropylene Pipe 600mm to meet your drainage needs. With our extensive expertise and commitment to exceptional customer service, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect solutions for your projects. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how Convic Australia can assist you in achieving efficient and reliable drainage systems.


Nominal Diameter DN Mean Pipe OD (mm) Mean Pipe ID (mm) Maximum Overall Socket Diameter (mm) Nominal Length (mm) Approximate Pipe Mass (KG) Stiffness Class (SN) Jointing Method
600 682 596 725 5910 147.75 8 Rubber Ring

BlackMAX® pipes are manufactured in standard 6 metre nominal lengths
Note: All diameters except for DN600 are supplied with ribbed sockets
(Standard 3m lengths are also available upon request.)


BlackMAX® pipes and fittings are the preferred choice for a wide range of projects, thanks to their versatility and reliability in various drainage and water management scenarios. They are suitable for the following applications:
Stormwater Drainage Pipelines:

Suitable for efficient management of stormwater runoff, providing effective drainage solutions for various environments and infrastructure projects.

Road and Highway Drainage:

Ideal for road and highway drainage systems, ensuring proper water flow and preventing water accumulation, maintaining road safety and integrity.

Road Culverts:

Used as culverts beneath roads and highways, facilitating the passage of water, preventing flooding or structural damage.

Low Head Irrigation Applications:

Applicable in low head irrigation systems, efficiently transporting water to agricultural fields, gardens, or landscaped areas with controlled water flow and distribution.

Slip Lining Existing Corroded Pipelines:

Cost-effective solution for rehabilitating existing corroded pipelines, providing structural support and restoring functionality.

Leachate Collection:

Effective for leachate collection systems in waste management facilities, ensuring efficient transport and proper disposal or treatment.

Stormwater Retention Systems:

Supporting stormwater retention systems, managing and controlling the flow of stormwater, mitigating flood risks, and promoting sustainable water management practices.


BlackMAX® pipes are manufactured with a high-performance spigot and socket rubber ring joint system for water tightness requirements in accordance with AS/NZS5065. The elastomeric seal is placed in the second last trough from the spigot end and is compressed as the spigot enters the socket to seal the joint. This system allows the installer to cut the pipe anywhere along the pipe barrel and make the joint.


BlackMAX® spigot and socket rubber ring joint assembly DN225mm– DN525mm


BlackMAX® spigot x socket rubber ring joint assembly DN600mm only


Structural Design

BlackMAX® pipes are classified as SN8 and can be buried up to 6 metres under normal installation conditions provided the pipes are designed and installed in accordance with AS/NZS2566.1 ‘Buried flexible pipelines Part 1: Structural design’ and AS/NZS2566.2 ‘Buried flexible pipelines – Part 2 Installation’
For critical infrastructure projects, deep installations and where BlackMAX® is intended to be used in low strength soils, a full structural analysis should be performed.

Minimum cover heights for BlackMAX®

(from AS/NZS 2566 .1 ‘Buried flexible pipelines Part 1: Structural design’)

Not subject to vehicular loading 0.3
Subject to vehicular loading
– not in roadways
– in sealed roadways
– in unsealed roadways
Subject to vehicular loading
Pipes in embankment conditions or subject to construction equipment loading 0.75

*Subject to variation by the regulatory authority



BlackMAX® is designed to offer controlled deflection under vertical soil loads, ensuring the transfer of these loads to the soil in the side support zone. Proper construction of the side support zone is crucial, and AS/NZS 2566.2 ‘Buried flexible pipelines – Part 2 Installation’ provides detailed guidelines for selecting appropriate methods. The key to successful installation lies in the careful selection and compaction of the embedment material, which should be granular in nature and easily compactable. Commonly used materials include crushed rock, aggregate, and graded sand. For comprehensive guidance on embedment material selection, refer to Appendices ‘G’ and ‘H’ of AS/NZS 2566.2.

Transportation and Storage

To prevent damage, it is important to handle BlackMAX® pipes with care and avoid rolling, dropping, or exposing them to sharp objects. The storage site should be flat and clear of any obstructions. When unloading, it is recommended to keep the pipes in their packs until needed. If the pipes are not in crates, place them on horizontal supporting timbers spaced approximately 2 meters apart. These timbers can also be used to separate individual layers when stacking the pipes. To protect the sockets, ensure they are elevated and kept clear from the ground during storage.



BlackMAX® is manufactured to AS/NZS 5065 “Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) pipes and fittings for drainage and sewerage applications” and has Standards Mark third party certification under this standard.

WSAA Appraisal

BlackMAX® has been appraised by WSAA (Water Services Association of Australia) for performance compliance with AS/NSZ 5065