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Composite Lid P6/P8/P9 Rail-Sign Comms Class B

Designed to fit the P6, P8 or P9 Plastic Polymer Pit

  • 651mm (L) x 499mm (W) x 50mm (D)
  •  12 KG
  • Class B
  • Composite

Features & Benefits:

  • Superior strength-to-weight ratio
  • Made to AS3996
  • Proudly Australian made
  • Fully customizable with colors, text, and logos
  • Offers lockable and non-lockable options
  • Anti-Flood dimples


Introducing the Stronglite Composite Lid P6/P8/P9 Rail-Sign Comms Class B: Australia’s Premier Access Cover Solution

The Stronglite Composite Lid P6/P8/P9 Rail-Sign Comms Class B stands as a premium access cover by combining cutting-edge technology with unrivalled performance. Manufactured from reinforced polyurethane, this lid harnesses the exceptional benefits of the material, boasting a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio that ensures durability without compromising on weight. With its composite construction, the Stronglite Lid is proudly Australian designed and manufactured, showcasing our commitment to quality and local innovation.

Unrivalled Material: Strong, Yet Light!

Experience the perfect balance of strength and lightweight design with the Stronglite Lid. Crafted from reinforced polyurethane, this lid offers exceptional strength and durability while minimizing weight. Unlike traditional options such as concrete, the Stronglite Lid significantly reduces the risk of injuries and strain during handling, surpassing strict OH&S compliance regulations. Its lightweight nature enhances both efficiency and safety, making it the ideal choice for various applications.

Proudly Australian Made

Choosing the Stronglite Lid means supporting the thriving local economy and enjoying a host of benefits. With shorter supply chains, you contribute to reduced environmental impact and promote sustainability. You also gain access to reliable customer service and faster support, thanks to the lid’s Australian origin. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Stronglite Lid exceeds industry standards, reflecting the exceptional craftsmanship that comes with being Australian designed and manufactured.

Manufactured to AS3996: Highest Slip Rating and UV Tested

Engineered to exceed expectations, the Stronglite Lid complies with the stringent AS3996 standard. This ensures uncompromising quality and performance, meeting the highest industry standards for access covers. The Stronglite Lid undergoes rigorous testing and adheres to industry regulations, offering exceptional safety, reliability, and durability. With the highest slip rating achieved and UV testing, it guarantees optimal performance even in demanding conditions.

Fully Customizable

Experience the versatility of the Stronglite Lid through its full customization options. Whether it’s a specific color, personalized text, or prominently displayed company logo, this lid can be tailored to meet your unique requirements. As an Australian-made product, the Stronglite Lid offers unrivalled turnaround times for customizable lids, ensuring prompt delivery and satisfaction.

Anti-Flood Dimples

The Stronglite Lid goes above and beyond by incorporating a screw dimple feature, providing added security during flood events. This innovative design ensures that the lid remains firmly in place, preventing any lifting or dislodgement. The screw dimple offers the benefit of adjustability, allowing for a perfect fit to accommodate the variability of pre-installed pits.

Lockable & Non-Lockable Options

In addition to customization, the Stronglite Composite Lid P6/P8/P9 Rail-Sign Comms Class B provides options for lockable and non-lockable variants. This versatility caters to various security needs, accommodating the Stronglite Locking Mechanism or the Barri Bolt Locking Mechanism with plugs to suit each hole. Safeguard valuable assets with ease, ensuring peace of mind and security.

Choose the Stronglite Composite Pit Lid!

The Stronglite Composite Lid P6/P8/P9 Rail-Sign Comms Class B offers a cost-effective alternative to concrete and other composites on the market. Its Australian-made heritage guarantees exceptional quality, durability, and reliability, making it the go-to choice for a wide range of industries. Discover the access cover solution that revolutionizes the industry – choose Convic Australia as your distributor for the Stronglite Lid. Experience the winning combination of strength, lightweight design, and adaptability that surpasses expectations. Contact us today for more information!



Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Weight (kg)
651 499 50 12 B


The composite access cover range is designed and built for a Class B load rating, meeting the Australian Standard AS/NZ 3996. 


Typical Use
Nominal Wheel Loading (kg)
Serviceability Design Load (Kn)
Ultamite limit state design (kN)

Private and shared residential property. Suitable for vehicles accessing driveways and footways. Low speed only.

Purpose – residential driveways. Unit sites. Parklands. Residential car parks.