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Electrical PVC Conduit Bend 100mm 45-Degree 760mm Radius

Features & Benefits:

  • 100mm Diameter: Conduit bend’s size
  • 45-Degree Angle: Sharp redirection point
  • 760mm Radius: Defines the bend’s shape
  • Heavy Duty PVC Construction: Durable and robust.
  • Orange Colour: Marks its use for electrical underground tasks.
  • VESI approved standard bend – used for CitiPower, Powercor, Jemena and Ausnet jobs


Electrical PVC Conduit Bend 100mm 45-Degree 760mm Radius

In electrical installations, professionals rely on dependable components. The Electrical PVC Conduit Bend stands out in this regard. With its 100mm diameter, 45-degree angle, and 760mm radius, this bend efficiently guides cables around corners. It cuts down strain, streamlines setups, and ensures cables perform at their best for years. Importantly, this bend meets the minimum bending radius stipulated for VESI projects, making it officially VESI-approved for tasks with CitiPower, Powercor, Jemena, and Ausnet.

Material & Colour:

Crafted from heavy-duty solid wall PVC, these bends promise both strength and resilience against varied environmental conditions. They’re built to last. Their bright orange colour isn’t just a design choice. It distinctly marks their role in underground electrical tasks. This hue not only denotes function but also boosts visibility, heightening safety during installations and maintenance below the ground.

Dimensions, Fit, and Compatibility:

The conduit bend’s 100mm diameter aligns perfectly with its counterpart, the 100mm Electrical Rigid Conduit. This matching ensures that cables glide smoothly, almost eradicating obstructions or friction chances. This impeccable alignment not only confirms the bend’s dedicated design but also simplifies electrical installations, ruling out potential alignment disruptions.’

Fit for VESI Auditing & Construction Demands:

Our Electrical PVC Conduit Bend 100mm 45-Degree 760mm Radius isn’t just another conduit bend. It’s VESI-approved, tailored explicitly for Victoria’s Electricity Supply Industry standards. For professionals working with CitiPower, Powercor, Jemena, or Ausnet, this bend ensures your projects are up to snuff. Especially when it comes to VESI auditing and construction standards that demand a minimum distance between inside conduit collars. With this bend, you’re not just meeting requirements — you’re exceeding them.

Grasping the Utility of the Sweep Bend:

The Electrical PVC Conduit Bend 100mm 45-Degree 760mm Radius emerges as a standout conduit component. It’s designed specifically to alter the direction of the electrical conduit in systems. Standard PVC bends might offer sharp angles. However, this sweeping bend presents a more lenient curve. This eases the transition when directing electrical cables, especially where sharp angles would be problematic or stress the cables too much.

Using such a bend lessens the risk of cable damage, optimizing the electrical system’s performance. The electrical orange PVC’s choice isn’t just a nod to its visibility. It underlines its purpose in underground electrical conduit tasks. These bends, made from durable and chemically resistant material, hold up well against the rigors of underground conditions.

Commitment and Services at Convic Australia:

Convic Australia remains committed to sourcing and providing top-tier products. The Electrical PVC Conduit Bend exemplifies this dedication. Apart from our regular offerings, we cater to custom bend manufacturing needs, adjusting to specific degrees and radii.

Our versatility, paired with competitive pricing and quick turnarounds, positions us as a trusted electrical installation essentials supplier. Contact us today for further details or assistance!


Bends Measurements. DM (Diameter Measurement), Radius, Collar to Collar and overall arc length of bend.

Nominal Diameter (Dm)
Degree (°)
Radius (r)
Approx. Collar to Collar
Approx. Radius Arc Length
100mm 45 760mm 539mm 597mm


Measurements on this site are approximate. Actual product dimensions may vary. Please verify before use. We’re not liable for discrepancies.

VESI Standards

For Auditing and construction purposes length of bend can be measured between inside conduit collars, refer to Table 8 & Figure 46


Conduit Nominal
Size (mm)
Approx. Bend Length
90° 45° 22.5°
32 OD 450 250 150
63 OD 500 250 150
80 OD (Jemena) 845 455 230
100 NB 900 500 250
125 NB 3015 1630 830
150 NB 3500 1850 945

Table 8 – Min Conduit Bend Length


Figure 46 – Conduit Bend Length


Electrical Conduit Bends are supplied using conduit in compliance with AS/NZS 2053:2:2001. They also align with the technical specifications set by Energy Queensland, Ausgrid, Essential Energy, Endeavour Energy, Main Roads, Jemena, Ausnet, and Powercor.