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EnviroStorm® HDPE SN8 Pipe 1050mm

Australian Made
Light Weight
Cost Effective Solutions
Long Life
Easy Installation
Chemical Corrosion Resistance
Effective Roughness
Abrasion Resistance
UV Resistance
Resistance to Micro-Organisms

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EnviroStorm®: High-Performance Stormwater HDPE Corrugated Pipes for Stormwater Management

EnviroStorm® is a leading high-density polyethylene (HDPE) corrugated pipe solution specifically designed for efficient stormwater management. When it comes to stormwater management, the HDPE SN8 EnviroStorm® Pipe 1050mm offer a high-performance solution. With their exceptional strength, durability, and joint integrity, these pipes provide a reliable and cost-effective option for your long-term drainage needs. Convic Australia, as an authorized seller of EnviroStorm®, delivers reliable and technologically advanced products for efficient stormwater management. Secure the future of your stormwater infrastructure by choosing EnviroStorm® and partnering with Convic Australia.

Benefits of EnviroStorm® HDPE Corrugated Pipes

EnviroStorm® HDPE corrugated pipes offer numerous benefits for stormwater management. With exceptional strength, durability, and joint integrity, these pipes ensure long-term cost-effectiveness and reliability. They provide optimal performance in stormwater conveyance, effectively handling heavy loads and resisting deformation. The watertight joints of EnviroStorm® pipes eliminate the risk of leakage, ensuring efficient and reliable stormwater infrastructure.

Convic Australia: Your Reliable Partner for Stormwater Management:

Convic Australia is a trusted provider of the EnviroStorm® HDPE SN8 pipe solution. We offer a comprehensive range of products designed to meet the critical demands of stormwater engineering design and construction communities. Our commitment to quality and reliability ensures that you receive high-performance solutions for your stormwater management needs.

Ensuring the Future of Stormwater Management:

EnviroStorm® HDPE corrugated pipes are at the forefront of stormwater management technology. Manufactured with the highest quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, these pipes provide superior performance in moving stormwater and wastewater. The co-extruded twin-wall design of EnviroStorm® pipes delivers a high stiffness to weight ratio, making them ideal for non-pressure applications. Their smooth bore inner layer and corrugated outer layer further enhance their performance and efficiency.

Partner with Convic Australia for EnviroStorm®:

Convic Australia is an authorized seller of EnviroStorm® HDPE SN8 Pipe 1050mm. Our team of experts will work closely with you to assess your stormwater management requirements and provide tailored solutions using EnviroStorm® pipes. With our expertise and high-quality products, we ensure that your stormwater infrastructure meets the highest standards of performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Contact us for more information!



Nominal Diameter (DN)
Outside Diameter (mm)
Internal Diameter (mm)
Nominal Overall Length (mm)

Length (SP/ SO) Effective Length (mm)
Nominal Overall Length (mm)

Length (SP/ SO) Effective Length (mm)
Weight (KG)
Stiffness Class (SN)
Jointing Method
1050 1228 1057 NA NA 6270 5910 354 8 Rubber Ring


Overall and effective lengths may change without notice
Measurements are approximate and subject to change without notice
*Also Available with an electro-fusion joint (WA only)
From 1050-4000 different stiffness ratings can be manufactured (WA only)