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Flexacon Flexible Electrical Conduit Hose 25mm

  • Offers superior flexibility and durability
  • Provides robust protection for wiring
  • Simplifies installation by eliminating need for bends
  • Essential for rail switch boxes and boom gate installations
  • Outperforms corrugated conduits with longer life expectancy
  • High UV protection for increased lifespan and reliability
  • Ideal for various applications including level crossings and boom gates


Flexacon Electrical Conduit Hose 25mm: Unrivalled Flexibility and Durability for Electrical Installations

The right conduit choice can make a huge difference to your electrical wiring. Our Flexacon Electrical Conduit Hose 25mm is specifically designed to offer superior durability, flexibility, and robust protection. Manufactured from UV stabilized flexible PVC compound, this bright orange conduit hose is not just another wiring solution—it’s a commitment to quality.

Versatile Usage

Designed for maximum versatility, our Flexacon Electrical Conduit Hose sets a new standard in conduit flexibility. Whether it’s being utilized in level crossings, boom gates, or connecting to rigid conduit, this 25mm conduit hose ensures superior performance, every time. It’s the perfect solution for situations where a flexible conduit is required, significantly reducing installation time by removing the need for unnecessary bends.

Essential for Rail Switch Boxes and Boom Gates

Our Flexacon Electrical Conduit Hose 25mm is a game-changer in rail switch boxes and boom gate installations. Emerging from underground installations, this conduit hose deftly navigates its path into the electrical switchboard, providing essential protection for the cables within. This innovative solution ensures the seamless operation of rail systems, acting as a shield for sensitive cabling.

Beyond rail switch boxes, our Flexacon Electrical Conduit Hose 25mm is a vital component in boom gate installations. Its flexible and durable design allows for usage either above or below ground, granting significant leeway during installation. The unique flexibility eliminates the need for bends, making this conduit hose an indispensable asset for intricate wiring setups.

Versatile General Usage

Whether you’re working with rail systems, boom gates, or other electrical installations, the Flexacon Electrical Conduit Hose 25mm stands out with its unparalleled durability and reliability. Much like a corrugated conduit, it offers a flexible solution, but with an edge – the smooth finish of our conduit hose gives it a longer life expectancy compared to its corrugated counterparts. This makes the Flexacon conduit hose a preferred choice for projects that demand robust and enduring solutions.

High UV Protection

At Convic, quality is not just a promise—it’s an assurance. Our Flexacon Electrical Conduit Hose offers high UV protection, thanks to its UV stabilized PVC compound makeup. This ensures a longer lifespan and increased reliability, even in harsh environments exposed to high UV radiation.

Smooth and Durable

Unlike standard corrugated conduit coils, Flexacon’s smooth coil design sets it apart. The smooth coils resist wear and tear better than their corrugated counterparts, leading to an increased life expectancy. This unique design ensures that your Flexacon Electrical Conduit Hose 25mm not only performs better, but also lasts longer.

When your project demands a combination of flexibility, longevity, and reliable protection, you need a product that delivers. Trust the Flexacon Electrical Conduit Hose 25mm for all your wiring needs – a truly representative solution where flexibility meets quality and durability.

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Nominal Size  Average ID (mm) Average OD (mm) Length Supplied (m)
25 24.5 31.9 30