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Ironize Galmet – 4 Litre Rust Converter (GICS4L)

Ironize Galmet – 4 Litre Rust Converter (GICS4L)

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Ironize Galmet Rust Converter is a product used to treat rust on metal surfaces. It is a chemical solution that converts the iron oxide (rust) into a stable, protective coating that prevents further rust formation. The 4-liter size refers to the volume of the solution in the container.

To use Ironize Galmet Rust Converter, the surface to be treated must be clean and free of loose rust or other contaminants. The solution is applied to the rusted surface using a brush or sprayer, and it should be left to dry completely before any further coating or painting is applied. The converted rust forms a protective barrier that stops further corrosion and provides a stable base for the application of additional coatings. This product is commonly used on metal structures, machinery, automotive parts, and other metal surfaces that are prone to rust.