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Pit Gasket P6/P8/P9

  • Suits P6/P8/P9 Poly Pits
  • Seamless fit for easy installation
  • Durable construction for long-lasting protection
  • Effectively blocks dirt, debris, and foreign objects
  • Preserves integrity of internal cabling
  • Meets Telstra & NBN standards for compliance
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Pit Gasket P6/P8/P9 : Safeguard Your Telecommunications Infrastructure with Confidence

Experience unmatched protection for your pit infrastructure with our reliable Pit Gasket P6/P8/P9 . Specifically designed to seamlessly fit onto a P6/P8/P9 pit beneath the P6/P8 Lid, these tailored gaskets ensure optimal security for your telecommunications and infrastructure pits. Crafted from durable black fluted polypropylene sheet, also known as Corflute, our gaskets provide a simple yet highly effective defense, shielding your pits from dirt, debris, and unwanted intrusions.

Prevent Dirt, Ingress, and Foreign Objects with Ease

Gaskets serve a crucial role in creating an impermeable barrier, effectively warding off dirt, ingress, and foreign objects from infiltrating your pit cavity. Bid farewell to concerns about potential damage to internal cabling caused by dirt particles or debris. With a gasket in place, you can rest assured that your pit infrastructure remains impeccably protected.

Reliable Protection Made Simple

Our Pit Gaskets offer a dependable and user-friendly solution. Thanks to their seamless fit and straightforward installation process, reinforcing the security of your pits becomes hassle-free. Experience unparalleled peace of mind as our gaskets shield your infrastructure from potential harm.

Trust in Pit Gasket P6/P8/P9 to Meet Telstra & NBN Standards

A pit gasket provides an essential layer of protection, ensuring the longevity and functionality of your telecommunications pits. Meticulously crafted to fit snugly into the pit lid rebate beneath the concrete or  composite lids, the Pit Gasket P6/P8/P9 complies with the stringent standards set by Telstra & NBN. Experience unrivalled security, meeting the highest industry benchmarks.

Enhance Pit Security Today

Fortify your pit infrastructure with a pit gasket, the epitome of reliability and performance. Discover how our exceptional gaskets shield your valuable infrastructure from dirt, debris, and unwanted intrusions.

Contact us to learn more about Pit Gasket P6/P8/P9 and its unrivalled capabilities in safeguarding your telecommunications and infrastructure pits. Trust in our expertise and join countless others who have made the smart choice for their pit security.