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Pit Lid & Cover Seal Breaker Telstra & NBN

Easy to use
High quality
Easy to store
Adjustable for optimal positioning
High strength
Heavy-duty steel hollow section (SHS) is used for strength
Excellent leverage
The large diameter all-threaded bar is used for high impact driving force.


The Pit Seal Breaker a specially designed tool that revolutionizes the process of breaking seals on stubborn pit lids and covers. An essential for telecommunication contractors, particuarly Telstra and NBN. Constructed with heavy-duty steel fabrication and equipped with a handled leverage, our Pit Seal Breaker ensures effortless removal of even the most stubborn lids. Gone are the days of struggling with unyielding covers.

Designed to exert maximum force, our heavy-duty seal breaker is engineered to tackle lids and covers firmly held together due to exposure to outdoor elements, tight installations, suction, material corrosion, expansion locks, binding weight, or packed dirt, sand grit, and clay. With the Pit Cover Seal Breaker, breaking the seal is now a breeze. Its main function is to apply maximum driving force along the sealing edges and effortlessly break them apart.

One of the key advantages of our pit breaker design is its adjustable hole locations, achieved through the gatic keyed T bolt on the heavy-duty steel hollow section. This feature allows for better positioning, especially in tight spaces where a pit frame is located near a wall. Additionally, the turning bar is easily removable to assist with initial setup, while all components can be quickly dismantled for equipment care and compact storage.

Using the Pit Seal Breaker is incredibly easy. To set it up on the job, simply insert the Gatic key T bolt into the lid or cover hole and turn it 90 degrees. Align the breaker bar into the desired position using the adjustable positioning holes on the steel breaker bar. Tighten the locking nut on the T bolt until the breaker bar assembly is firmly held against the pit lid or manhole access cover. Insert and screw the all-threaded pressure bolt down until it snugly presses against the driving shoulder of the frame lid. Finally, insert the long-handled turning bar into the top of the all-threaded pressure bolt and rotate it clockwise until the seal is broken.

We’ve also taken care to give the Pit Cover Seal Breaker a surface treatment finish that ensures excellent visibility, whether it’s being used on the job site during the day or when searching for it in your toolbox. You can easily locate the seal breaker whenever you need it. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the Pit Seal Breaker with Gatic Key. Save time and effort with its powerful and user-friendly features. Say goodbye to the frustration of stubborn pit lids and covers!


  • Telstra pit covers
  • Concrete sewer lid
  • Stainless steel Pit lids
  • Utility cast iron cover plates
  • Main access cover
  • Drain cover
  • Grate and frame castings
  • Storm water lids
  • Soak well steel cast grating
  • Light duty aluminium traffic covers
  • Medium duty concrete lids
  • Heavy duty steel manhole panels
  • Circular residential inspection lid
  • Commercial covers and industrial lids
  • Maintenance shaft lids
  • Sump grates
  • Grease trap cover
  • Electrical pits
  • Stainless steel road box lids
  • Floor drains