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Plasdrain™ Polypropylene SN8 450mm

Australian Made
Recycled Plastic
Light Weight, Easy to Handle
Strong – Due to Corrugations
Long Lengths
Simple to Install – Easy to Join & Cut
Fast Installation
Sealed Joints – Advanced
Rubber Seals Tested Extensively
Excellent Abrasion & Chemical Resistance


Introducing Plasdrain™: The Leading Stormwater Drainage System for Critical Infrastructure Projects

Are you searching for a high-performance stormwater drainage system for your critical infrastructure project? Look no further than Plasdrain™. Designed with cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly materials, Plasdrain™ offers exceptional durability and optimal hydraulic performance, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.


Dual-Walled, Corrugated Polypropylene Pipes

Plasdrain™ Polypropylene SN8 450mm pipes are crafted from dual-walled, corrugated polypropylene, ensuring superior strength and reliability. These pipes are specifically engineered for non-pressure applications, meeting the rigorous standards set by AS/NZS 5065.

Optimized Hydraulic Performance

With Plasdrain™, you can expect smooth, uninterrupted water flow. Thanks to its innovative co-extrusion techniques, Plasdrain™ boasts a smooth bore that maximizes hydraulic efficiency. Additionally, the corrugated outside wall provides an excellent stiffness to weight ratio, maintaining structural integrity even under challenging conditions.

Effortless Installation and Versatility

Plasdrain™ simplifies installation, even in trafficable areas like under road pavements. The lightweight design, coupled with the convenient in-line bell and spigot joint, allows for swift and hassle-free connections. Say goodbye to time-consuming and complex installation procedures.

Unmatched Durability and Environmental Responsibility

Choose Plasdrain™ Polypropylene SN8 450mm for long-lasting durability. Its high strength-to-weight ratio, stiffness, and toughness ensure resilience against demanding environments. What sets Plasdrain™ apart is its commitment to environmental responsibility. By utilizing recycled polypropylene materials and an efficient design that minimizes material usage, Plasdrain™ reduces waste and carbon footprint.

Superior Performance Over Rigid Pipes

Unlike traditional rigid pipes that are prone to cracking and subsequent leakage, Plasdrain™ offers a crack-resistant solution, resulting in reduced environmental impact and maintenance costs. With Plasdrain™, there’s no need for plastic lining, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

Convic Australia: Your Reliable Plasdrain™ Distributor

As the trusted distributor of Plasdrain™ in the region, Convic Australia is committed to delivering timely solutions and providing expert technical support. Rely on Convic Australia for a wide range of Plasdrain™ sizes and configurations to meet your specific project requirements.

Choose Plasdrain™ for Unrivaled Stormwater Drainage Solutions

Make the smart choice for your critical infrastructure project by selecting Plasdrain™. Benefit from its superior hydraulic performance, durability, and environmental responsibility. Contact Convic Australia today to discuss your project needs and discover the perfect Plasdrain™ solution.


Key Advantages That Set Plasdrain™ Apart:
  • Optimum hydraulic performance with a smooth inner skin
  • Resistance to build-up, minimizing maintenance requirements
  • Easy cutting and simple joining for seamless installation
  • Unparalleled stiffness for structural integrity
  • Suitable for aggressive or saline soils and environmentally sensitive areas
  • Light internal color facilitating CCTV video inspections



Diameter DN
Mean Pipe
Do (mm)
Mean Pipe
Di (mm)
Overall Socket
DEC (mm)
Socket Insert
Si (mm)
Profile Pitch
Pp (mm)
(6m nominal
length) (mm)
Pipe Mass
450 515 450 536 210 57.3 5790 69.48


Plasdrain™ pipes are designed for stormwater drainage applications. Plasdrain™ pipes have a black coloured corrugated outer surface with a smooth green interior. Each length of pipe has a nominal length of 6m, has a spigot end and a socket end for simple joining. Each pipe is supplied with rubber rings required to seal joins.



The image below details the cross section of the wall profile showing a spigot and socket connection. To seal a join, a rubber ring is inserted in the second valley in from the spigot end for optimum sealing performance.



Plasdrain™ polypropylene pipes are resistant to corrosion by aggressive soils and substances that can wash through the stormwater drainage system. Polypropylene resins are highly resistant to solvents and chemicals. They are resistant to weak inorganic acids, organic acids, alcohols, ammonia and oxidising salts and suffer from breakdown only when exposed to strong inorganic acids such as fuming nitric acid at room temperature and 98% sulfuric acid at 600°C, both of which are highly unlikely to pass through the stormwater system. Chemical resistance is affected by concentration, temperature, period of contact and stress.


Plasdrain™ pipes have a high range of thermal resistance due to the inherent durability of polypropylene material ranging from -20°C to 90°C for short term exposure.


Polypropylene is an extremely tough material that can withstand construction impacts and loading during installation. Key benefits of Polypropylene and it’s suitability for stormwater drainage pipes are:

• Wider thermal resistance; stable from -20°C to 90°C
• high chemical resistance; pH 2–pH 12 (acidic-alkali) stable
against biogenic sulphuric acid corrosion
• high abrasion resistance, which ensures durability and operational reliability
• excellent impact resistance and durability
• does not tend to crack or spread cracks
• robust under mechanical stress (e. g. high-pressure flushing)
• smooth surfaces, optimum hydraulics
• no incrustation, deposits cannot build up
• self-cleaning, requires less maintenance


Base polypropylene raw material lacks additives to resist weathering. Dependent on the source of recycled raw material, some additives may be present. To ensure weathering resistance, Plasdrain™ pipes are manufactured with additives to improve performance and ensure resistance to ultraviolet light and weathering during handling and  storage.


Plasdrain™ pipes incorporate the latest manufacturing technology using continuous polypropylene dual extrusion combined with a vacuum controlled corrugating process. The dual wall structure consists of simultaneously extruded smooth inner and corrugated outer wall. Even though the corrugations are hollow, at the valley of each corrugation, all layers are fused together for the full circumference of the pipe to create one continuous pipe post production.


Polypropylene pipe compound Block copolymer ?
Mass of carbon black 2 – 2.5% by mass ISO 964
Particle size of carbon black 20 -25 nm ASTM D3849
Toluene extract of carbon black <0.1% AS/NZS 4131 Appendix B
Melt mass-flow rate 1.4g/10min @ 230°C and 5kg ISO 1133 Condition 12
Tensile properties ? AS 1145.2
Internal pressure resistance of PP >140hours at 80C and 4.2MPa Hoop Stress ISO 8773
Thermal stability of pipes and fittings >40minutes OIT ISO/TR 10837
Stiffness of pipes >8,000N/m.m AS/NZS 1462.22
Ring flexibility of pipes no cracking at 30% deflection AS/NZS1462.23
Hydrostatic pressure resistance of elastomeric seal joints no leakage AS/NZS 1462.8
Liquid infiltration of elastomeric seal joints no leakage AS 1462.8
Contact width and pressure of elastomeric seals >0.47MPa AS/NZS 1462.13 (Int)


Disclaimer: the information contained in this brochure is general in nature. In particular the content of this brochure does not take into account specific conditions that may be present at your site. Site conditions may alter the performance and longevity of the product and in extreme cases may make the product wholly unsuitable. Actual dimensions and performance may vary. Where provided, installation instructions cover installation of product in site conditions that are conducive to its use and optimum performance. If you have any doubts about as to the installation instructions or their application to your site, be sure to contact us prior to installation. This brochure should not be used for construction purposes and in all cases we recommend that advice be obtained from a suitably qualified consulting engineer before proceeding with installation.


Plasdrain™ pipes are manufactured to AS/NZS 5065:

“Polyethylene and Polypropylene pipes and fittings for drainage and sewerage applications” and achieves the properties as set out below as required by AS/NZS 5065.