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Plastic Square Poly Pit 450mm

Features and Benefits

  • Versatile Use for Stormwater, Electrical & Communication Applications
  • Efficient Drainage
  • Australian-Made
  • Various Lid Options
  • Suitable for Light Traffic
  • Utilized in Rail Platforms
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Plastic Square Poly Pit 450mm

Enhance your surface water management with the 450mm Poly Pit—an adaptable, reliable solution designed for your commercial drainage needs. We emphasize quality, durability, and sustainability.

Ideal for Demanding Commercial Use

The 450mm Plastic Square Poly Pit excels in demanding commercial applications such as driveways, carparks, and light trafficable areas. Its robust design ensures it can tackle the toughest challenges.

Versatile Applications

Beyond commercial use, the 450mm Square Pit adds value in communication and electrical applications, enhancing its utility. Whether you’re managing surface water or organizing cables, this pit delivers. Notably, we’ve successfully supplied it on numerous rail projects throughout Victoria, showcasing its versatility.

Durable and Eco-Friendly

Manufactured in Australia, this pit is made from tough, UV-stabilized recycled plastic, built to withstand heavy commercial use and promote environmental sustainability.

Flexible Sizing and Grating

The 450mm Pit provides flexibility with various sizes and grate options, accommodating a range of grate choices, including AS3996 Class A or B Load Ratings, making it ideal for diverse commercial applications. Importantly, Stronglite Class C Composite lids fully align with the 450mm pits. These lids are commonly supplied for Electrical or Communications purposes and offer custom-made capabilities, particularly suitable for rail platform use.

Simple Installation and Security

Installing the 450mm Plastic Pit is straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly design. For added security, lock-down security grate kits ensure the grate stays securely in place, even in high-traffic areas.

Your Comprehensive Commercial Drainage Solution

Convic Australia not only serves as the trusted supplier but also as an approved retailer of the 450mm Plastic Poly Pit. Our commitment to top-quality solutions aligns with our supplier role, ensuring customers receive high-standard products. Being an approved retailer offers a convenient, reliable source for customers to access this versatile, eco-friendly drainage solution, enhancing their experience and satisfaction.

Get in Touch

For questions or to explore how the Plastic Square Poly Pit 450mm can enhance your commercial drainage and utility management, reach out to Convic Australia today. Our experts are here to guide you and provide the best solutions for your needs.



Internal Dimensions
(Measurement of the internal perimeter)
450mm 450mm 450mm
External Dimensions
(Measurement of the external perimeter)
562mm 562mm 506mm
Weight 6.5kg



Installation Guide

Conventional Pits

1. Excavate hole for pit to required depth
2. Bed pit on a sand base to set top of pit at installed level
3. Mark and cut pipe holes as required
4. Install pit in hole
5. Connect pipes
6. Seal pipe and pit with silicone
7. When installing a riser, ensure riser is secured to pit with supplied nuts and bolts, with washer on each side
of the assembly. Seal around Riser and Pit base with silicone
8. Install grate – leave grate installed whilst back – filling and concreting
9. Even backfill around pit
10. Support pits and risers in a concrete collar – 250 and 300 series min 100mm thick x min 150 wide –
450 & 600 series min 150 thick x min 150mm wide