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Plastic Square Poly Pit 600mm (900mm-deep)

Features and Benefits

  • Versatile Use for Railway, Electrical, Communication & Stormwater Applications
  • Efficient Drainage
  • Australian-Made
  • Various Lid Options
  • Suitable for Light Traffic
  • Utilized in Rail Platforms
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Plastic Square Poly Pit 600mm (900mm-deep)

Elevate your railway infrastructure with the Plastic Square Poly Pit 600mm (900mm-deep), tailored predominantly for electrical and communication installations in railway platforms. Its unique 900mm depth enhances capacity and protection for these crucial applications. Beyond its primary role, this pit also offers efficient capabilities for stormwater management, making it a versatile solution. We champion its unmatched quality, durability, and adaptability in modern commercial drainage needs.

The Advantage of 900mm Depth

The 900mm depth of this pit isn’t just a number—it’s an advantage. This additional depth ensures greater capacity and enhanced protection for its contents. It gives users the flexibility to organize more within the pit and offers extended protection, particularly in electrical and communication applications.

Superior Strength Compared to Standard 600mm Pits

Our Plastic Square Poly Pit stands out due to its added depth and strength. While typical 600mm pits cater mainly to stormwater management and offer basic electrical and communication capabilities, our pit is crafted with a stronger design. It’s built to withstand the rigorous demands of railway platforms and other demanding commercial uses.

Ideal for Railway Platforms but Versatile

Primarily designed for railway platforms for electrical and communication installations, the 600mm Square Pit is also adept at managing stormwater, proving its versatility. Its success is evident in numerous rail projects throughout Victoria. The 600mm (900mm-deep) Plastic Square Poly Pit also thrives in demanding commercial settings, including driveways, carparks, and light trafficable areas. With its reinforced structure, it’s equipped to handle even the toughest challenges.

Durable and Eco-Friendly

Proudly manufactured in Australia, this pit derives from robust, UV-stabilized recycled plastic. It’s designed not only to endure heavy commercial use but also to advocate for environmental sustainability.

Flexible Sizing and Grating

The 900mm-deep Pit offers diverse sizes and grate options. You can choose from grates with AS3996 Class A or B Load Ratings. Moreover, the Stronglite Class C Composite lids, often chosen for electrical or communication roles, fit seamlessly with this pit, underscoring its suitability for railway platform usage.

Simple Installation and Security

With its intuitive design, setting up the Plastic Square Poly Pit is a breeze. For heightened security, we provide lock-down security grate kits, ensuring stability even in areas with high footfall.

A Holistic Commercial Drainage Solution

Convic Australia proudly stands as both a trusted supplier and an approved retailer of the 600mm (900mm-deep) Plastic Poly Pit. Our dual role guarantees premium-quality solutions for our clientele. Being an accredited retailer also means a dependable, singular point for clients seeking this multifaceted, eco-conscious drainage solution, thereby boosting their overall experience.

Get in Touch

To delve deeper into how the Plastic Square Poly Pit 600mm (900mm-deep) can upgrade your commercial drainage and utility management, contact Convic Australia. Our seasoned experts are ever-ready to guide and present optimal solutions tailored to your requirements.



Weight (kg)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Clear Opening
21 820 448 905 600 x 600


Detailed Dimensions:


820 448 905


*All measurements in millimetres