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Polymer Plastic Pit Riser P7

Features & Benefits:

  • Suits Telstra Polymer Plastic Poly Pit P7
  • Enhances depth and flexibility
  • Robust and lightweight HDPE material
  • Stackable and modular design
  • Certified to meet Australian standards
  • Exceptional structural integrity


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Polymer Plastic Pit Riser P7: Enhancing Depth and Flexibility for Your Infrastructure Projects

Introducing the versatile Polymer Plastic Pit Riser P7, designed to suit the Telstra Polymer Plastic Poly Pit P7. Convic Australia takes pride in offering this high-quality product known for exceptional performance, easy installation, and remarkable durability.

Material: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

The Polymer Pit Riser is a product of ultraviolet light stabilized high-density polyethylene material. This robust and lightweight material ensures optimal strength, making it ideal for various infrastructure projects. It withstands the harshest Australian conditions, delivering enduring performance.

Enhance Depth and Flexibility

The Polymer Plastic Pit Riser P7 specifically raises the depth of pits, providing enhanced flexibility and adaptability to meet your installation requirements. It finds application in telecommunications, electrical, air, rail, and road projects, offering versatility for diverse needs.

Stackable and Modular Design

Featuring a stackable and modular design, this pit riser allows easy customization and seamless integration. By combining multiple risers, you can achieve the desired depth, ensuring a tailored fit and convenient installation. Such modularity ensures versatility to cater to project-specific demands.

Certified to Australian Standards

Convic Australia prioritizes quality and compliance. The Polymer Plastic Pit Riser P7 meets Class A applications under the Australian Standard AS/NZ 3996. Pits can be rated up to Class B (ultimate limit state design load of 10kN) when backfilled with crushed rock or stabilised sand with internal PVC pipe support.

Outstanding Structural Integrity

Crafted from UV-stabilized moulded HDPE, the P7 pit riser guarantees exceptional structural integrity. It provides reliable support for vertical loads, ensuring stability and safety for diverse infrastructure requirements. Rest assured, this pit riser withstands demanding project conditions.

Trust Convic Australia for Your Pit Riser Needs

As a trusted supplier, Convic Australia delivers high-quality pit risers. Our P7 riser combines durability, flexibility, and compliance with Australian standards. Count on us for industry-leading solutions that meet stringent infrastructure project requirements.

Experience the convenience and reliability of the Polymer Plastic Pit Riser P7. Contact us today to explore how our pit risers can elevate your infrastructure projects. Let us serve you with exceptional products and outstanding service.



Weight (kg)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Clear Opening
13 1015 560 200  960 x 500


Detailed Dimensions:

1015 960 560 500 418 280 200

*All measurements in millimetres 


Technical Specifications

Compressive strength: 58MPa D-695
Flexural strength: 15MPa D-790
Tensile strength: 14Mpa D638
Water absorption: +0.31% D-570
Water vapour transmission: WVT 0.1392g/m2 – 1,592hrs E96
Coefficient of friction (Mannings): n=0.010
Chemical resistance Good



AS/NZ 3996