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Secure & Trafficable Earth Pit

  • 241mm (L) x 207mm (W) x 216mm (D)
  • Black/Grey
  • High-impact Polypropylene
  • 5KN Static Load

Features & Benefits:

  • High-level protection with lockable lid
  • Easy-locking lid with security key
  • Convenient maintenance with large working aperture
  • Lightweight design for easy handling, storage, and transportation
  • Suitable for paving and hot tar applications
  • UV-stabilized against sunlight degradation
  • Non-brittle for cold weather resilience
  • Base accommodates Grounding Busbar (545135)
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Secure & Trafficable Earth Pit: Ensuring Unparalleled Security for Critical Grounding Terminations

The Secure & Trafficable Earth Pit ensures unparalleled security and reliability for critical grounding terminations. With its lockable lid and easy maintenance access, this innovative product sets the industry standard for secure grounding connections.

High-Level Security Features

At the core of the Earth Pit lies a lockable lid, providing exceptional security for grounding terminations. The lid’s unique design allows only the accompanying security key to open it, safeguarding connections against unauthorized access and accidental disconnection.

Effortless Maintenance

Designed for easy maintenance, the Earth Pit features a large working aperture that grants convenient access once the lockable lid is unfastened. This efficient access ensures the completion of routine maintenance tasks, keeping personnel and equipment safe from earth fault currents and high levels of current injected into the ground system by lightning protection installations.

Robust and Lightweight Construction

The Earth Pit combines lightweight design with robust construction, emphasizing durability and practicality. Its lightweight nature allows for easy handling, storage, and transportation, while still delivering the necessary strength and reliability required for critical grounding applications.

Suitable for Heavy Traffic Areas

Versatility is a key attribute of the Earth Pit, making it perfect for installation in heavy traffic areas. Its lightweight and durable construction ensures secure grounding connections without compromising personnel safety or electrical system performance.

Exceptional Durability

The PIT03 Earth Pit’s UV-stabilized construction ensures durability in outdoor installations, protecting it from sunlight degradation. Its non-brittle properties prevent damage in cold weather, guaranteeing long-lasting performance in any environment.

Adaptable and Accommodating

The PIT03 Earth Pit is suitable for both paving and hot tar applications, offering flexibility during installation. Additionally, its base is specifically designed to accommodate the Grounding Busbar for Inspection Housing (545135), further enhancing the versatility of this robust grounding solution.

Invest in the Secure & Trafficable Earth Pit today to experience peace of mind. Safeguard your critical grounding terminations with a reliable and secure solution. The lockable lid, easy maintenance access, lightweight design, and adaptability make it the ultimate choice for professionals seeking the highest level of security for their electrical systems.

For more information and to explore the Secure & Trafficable Earth Pit, please contact us or download the comprehensive brochure.


Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (kg)
241 207 216 1.2



Main Standards Compliance

  • BS 5834 part2 – loading requirements for pavements
  • BS 7430
  • EN 50-164 – 2

Accessories Products

  • Designed Earth Bar offering 8 connection points, BEP 25X5X200
  • Earth Bar (Copper) 25×5 mm, 200 mm long. 8 holes of 10.5mm diameter, spaced 25mm