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Styrene Cylinder 125mm x 1200mm

Styrene Cylinder (125mm x 1200mm)



Styrene cylinders are a material used in the construction industry, specifically for creating concrete pits in situ. These cylinders are used as formwork for pouring concrete and are used to create blockouts for conduit and pipe entry points.

Styrene is a lightweight plastic material that is easy to handle and shape, making it ideal for use as formwork. When used for pouring concrete pits, the styrene cylinders are placed into a trench and held in place with stakes. Concrete is then poured into the trench, filling the void between the styrene cylinders and creating a solid pit.

Once the concrete has cured, the styrene cylinders can be removed, leaving behind the concrete pit. The blockouts created by the styrene cylinders provide entry points for conduits and pipes, which are used to run communication and utility services to buildings and other structures.

In summary, styrene cylinders are used for creating concrete pits in situ and provide blockouts for conduit and pipe entry points. They are a convenient and cost-effective material for formwork and are used to create solid and durable concrete pits that are ideal for running communication and utility services.