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Type 8 Ductile iron Rhinocast® Recessed 2-part cover and frame AS 3996 Class B)



The Type 8 Ductile iron Rhinocast® recessed cover and frame (AS 3996 Class B) is an access cover and frame used in civil infrastructure, in which it provides access to underground stormwater and ewer systems, electricity and communication enclosures, greasetraps, valves and junction boxes. It is designed to be recessed into the ground, blending into the surrounding landscape while providing easy access to the underlying infrastructure. The cover is made of ductile iron, which is treated to increase its strength, durability, and ductility.

The Type 8 cover and frame are rated as Class B according to the AS 3996 Australian Standard, which means they can withstand a minimum of 80kN (8 tonne) load rating. They are suitable for moderate traffic areas like footpaths, bike paths, and car parks. Additionally, the Rhinocast® coating is a specialized protective layer that provides extra durability and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that the cover and frame are long-lasting and able to withstand exposure to the elements and regular use.


Lid Dimension Weight
Refer to literature for details 91kg


  • All covers are designed to meet Australian Standard AS 3996 Class B loadings
  • P4X (AS 60529) protection against ingress of foreign objects if fitted with universal plug.
  • Lids fit into rebate at top of pit, whilst access covers must be installed in a cast in situ concrete collar.
  • Rhinocast® access covers offer water and gas tightness to AS 3996.