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Type 8 Polymer Concrete Pit

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Polycrete® (polymer concrete) pits have excellent insulation properties, high mechanical strengths, chemical resistance and zero water absorption, which makes them ideal as electrical and communications enclosures. Lighter and therefore less cumbersome than traditional concrete pits, only large polymer concrete pits require special lifting equipment.


  • Manufactured from chemical and corrosion resistant lightweight polymer concrete
  • Pit bodies – 100% non metallic, insulated construction with an electrical resistivity rating of 1×10 8 / sq. (identical to concrete without steel reinforcing)
  • Easy to fit and seal dividing walls
  • Easy to handle & cut for cable entry penetration
  • Range of anti-slip lids and access covers for all load classes to Class G (AS 3996)
  • OH&S friendly steel lids not exceeding 25kg
  • IP ratings up to IP4X (AS 60529) – enclosure protection against ingress
  • Aesthetic, recessed access covers for infill of pavement material to complement or match surrounding pavement
  • Steel lids and access covers are hot dip galvanised to AS 4680
  • Access covers are weather resistant


Nominal opening (mm) Nominal depth (mm) polymer pit with lid polymer pit with riser lid polymer pit with access cover polymer pit with access cover and lid
Length Width No Riser 1 Riser 2 Risers Pit with Lid Pit with Riser & Lid Pit with Access Cover Pit with Riser & Access Cover Weight
1351mm 541mm 902mm 1202mm 1502mm 154.5kg


The cable pit shall be ACO Cablemate Type 8 with lid/access cover* (see below) as manufactured by ACO Pty Ltd. or equal approved.

The pit/riser bodies shall be manufactured from polyester polymer concrete with:

  • Electrical resistivity 1 x 108 Ω /sq
  • Compressive strength: 96MPa
  • Flexural strength: 27MPa
  • Water absorption 0.07%
  • Frost proof
  • Salt proof
  • Dilute acid and alkali resistant Surface burn characteristics of the material shall comply with UL 723


The nominal clear opening shall be 1251mm x 441mm. Units shall be manufactured with a clear depth of 830mm.


Optional riser
Additional height can be added using one or two polymer concrete riser units – each riser adds up to 300mm height.

Lid/Access cover

The pit shall be covered with a polymer concrete lid*, steel/PowerLok lid*, Urbanfil/Pavermate access cover*, Rhinocast access cover* – see table for compatible options. Installation The cable pit shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions and recommendations.

* delete as applicable