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Electrical PVC Grey Conduit Sweep Bend Medium Duty 50mm x 90 Degree x 280mm Radius

50mm x 90 Deg x 280mm Radius Grey Electrical Bend

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An Electrical PVC Medium Duty Sweeping Bend is a curved piece of PVC material used to change the direction of a run of electrical conduit in an electrical system. It is designed with a more gradual curve than a standard PVC bend, allowing for smoother transitions in the routing of electrical cables. The sweeping bend is typically used in situations where a sharp angle would be difficult to navigate or would cause undue stress on the cables, helping to minimize cable damage and improve the overall performance of the electrical system. The bend is made of a durable, non-conductive PVC material to protect the electrical cables from damage and to prevent electrical interference.

Electrical grey PVC is a non-conductive material commonly used for electrical conduit in residential and commercial buildings. It is a cost-effective option for routing and protecting electrical wires and cables.

  • 50mm diameter: The diameter dimension of the conduit bend
  • 90-degree angle: The bends angle in which it changes directions
  • 280mm radius: The curvature of the conduit bend, determining the shape