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600mm VicRoads Cover Electrical Class B

Features & Benefits:

  • Made from premium quality ductile iron
  • Compliant with AS3996-2019 and VR Drawing TC-1220
  • Anti-slip surface for enhanced safety
  • Seamless fit with VicRoads Poly Pits
  • Elevated aesthetics with Bituminous coating
  • Optimized for modern electrical needs.
  • Class B load rating 80kN




600mm VicRoads Cover Electrical Class B: Revolutionizing Roadway Electrical Infrastructure

At Convic Australia, we’re elevating your infrastructure projects, taking a step further into integrating modern road utility systems. With the VicRoads 600mm Electrical Cover, we’re setting new industry standards, ensuring that roadways are not only pathways for vehicles but also for efficient electrical networks.

Why Choose the 600mm VicRoads Cover Electrical?

When safeguarding the electrical infrastructure beneath our roads, compromise isn’t an option. Here’s why the 600mm Electrical Lid is the preferred choice:

Crafted to Perfection:

Manufactured from 600/3 ductile iron, as specified by AS1831, this cover embodies durability. Tailored to endure both the rigours of time and the unpredictable Australian environment, it’s architected to resist corrosion.

Superior Safety Features:

Safety is at the forefront of our design ethos. The cover’s anti-slip textured surface, compliant with AS 4586, minimizes the risk of accidents. Whether it’s a pedestrian or a vehicle, each interaction is rooted in security, promising optimal traction in varied weather conditions.

Seamless Integration:

This cover is compliant to the VR Drawing TC-1220 and integrates with the standard VicRoads Traffic Poly Pits, ensuring consistency in your infrastructure. it’s tailored to fit seamlessly with both the “Plastic Round VicRoads 600mm Pit” and the “Plastic Round VicRoads 750mm Pit”. 

Customizing Electrical Pathways:

Clearly marked with the label “electrical”, this cover offers utility professionals an unmistakable distinction. It’s a beacon of how seamlessly roadways and electrical pathways can merge. With a clear opening of 610mm and an overall diameter of 664mm, adaptability is its hallmark.

Elevated Aesthetics:

More than just functional, this cover boasts refined aesthetics. Its black Bituminous cutback cold applied coating is as visually appealing as it is protective, setting a new benchmark for elegant roadways.

A Promise of Quality:

Convic Australia isn’t merely a supplier; we’re your trusted partner. Investing in the Electrical 600mm VicRoads Cover means aligning with a legacy of quality and innovation. Rest assured, our product strictly adheres to AS3996 – 2019 and is designed to cater specifically to the electrical demands of contemporary roadways.

Choose Convic Australia:

The roadmap to future infrastructure hinges on the integration of multifaceted utilities. The VicRoads 600mm Cover Electrical exemplifies this future – a blend of durability, safety, and unmatched functionality. Explore its myriad features with Convic Australia and journey with us towards a harmoniously connected future. Reach out to us today for further details!


Clear Opening
Load Rating
Cover Dia
Frame Dia
Cover Marking
610 Class B 664 714 38 75 Electrical 42


Access Covers & Frames: AS1831

VicRoads Drawing: TC-1220

Slip Resistance: AS1831

Australian Standards: AS3996 – 2019