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Perforated Plastic Round Electrical Service Pit

Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal for light poles and electrical services for houses
  • Comes with three pre-drilled 100mm holes
  • Versatile for various projects
  • Strong, durable polyethylene
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Reliable long-term use
  • Cost-effective solution
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Plastic Round Electrical Service Pit: Your Essential Underground Utility Access Point for Lighting and Residential Power Infrastructure

Superior Design Meets AU Standards

At the heart of modern urban and residential development lies the need for secure and efficient underground utility access. The Plastic Round Electrical Service Pit, crafted for applications like lighting poles and residential power, is the ultimate solution. Composed of black UV stabilized medium-density polyethylene (HDPE), it ensures longevity, strength, and lightweight convenience. With Convic Australia’s expertise, you get a product that perfectly balances design excellence with function.

Material and Manufacturing: High-Density Polyethylene and Rotational Moulding

The pit, sculpted from durable HDPE, boasts resistance to moisture, chemicals, and impact. Its precise rotational moulding process guarantees uniform thickness and unmatched structural integrity. Tailored for infrastructure, this pit promises dependable underground utility access, irrespective of your project’s demands.

Design Features and Applications

Thanks to its HDPE foundation, our pit champions environmental protection, resisting organisms and chemicals. Its easy-cut design facilitates seamless duct access, while its non-absorbent nature promises a tight seal, ensuring utility safety. Ideal for projects where electrical insulation is vital, this pit’s sidewalls withstand surrounding soil pressure. Plus, built-in cutting guides grant unparalleled installation versatility.

The Plastic Round Electrical Service Pit comes equipped with three 100mm diameter holes, evenly spaced near its base. If additional conduit holes are needed, a holesaw can be employed to make precise cuts anywhere along the sidewall. However, it’s important to note that there’s a recommended limit to the number of holes based on conduit size and quantity. For specific guidance or any queries, please reach out to Convic Australia.

Easy Handling and Lower Carbon Footprint

The pit’s HDPE composition allows streamlined transportation and storage, promoting sustainability and reduced carbon footprint. Designed to curtail risks associated with breakage or safety concerns, it’s versatile—suitable for landscapes, sports arenas, pavements, and even CCTV setups.

Load Ratings: Class A and Class B for Tailored Installation Needs

Though starting with a Class A load rating, with the right techniques, our pits can achieve Class B standards. This adaptability ensures the pit’s load capacity meets your project’s specific demands.

Versatile Cover Options: Concrete, Composite & Plastic

With Convic Australia, you have a plethora of cover choices—concrete, composite, or plastic. Each seamlessly fits with the pit, providing secure access. Depending on requirements, these covers accommodate Class A and Class B load ratings.

Revolutionizing Lighting and Residential Power

In urban landscapes, underground cabling is pivotal, both for aesthetics and protection. Our service pits are central to this, offering a protected housing for light pole wirings and a centralized point for home power services. By ensuring easy maintenance access and safeguarding from environmental threats, our pits optimize the utility delivery to homes and public areas. Dive into efficient and organized power solutions with Convic Australia’s service pits. Reach out for more information today!



Weight (kg)
Diameter  (mm)
Depth (mm)
Clear Opening (mm)
4.8 635 620 392


Detailed Dimensions:


435 392 620 90


The Plastic Round Electrical Service Pit features three 100mm diameter holes at its base. For additional conduit access, users can utilize a holesaw to cut along the sidewall, keeping in mind the recommended limit based on conduit size and quantity.


*All measurements in millimetres 

Technical Specifications

Compressive strength: 58MPa D-695
Flexural strength: 15MPa D-790
Tensile strength: 14Mpa D638
Water absorption: +0.31% D-570
Water vapour transmission: WVT 0.1392g/m2 – 1,592hrs E96
Coefficient of friction (Mannings): n=0.010
Chemical resistance Good



AS/NZ 3996