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Rope Telstra Approved Blue & Yellow 6mm x 400m

6mm x 400m Blue & Yellow Telstra Rope

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Our Telstra approved Polypropylene rope is manufactured to stringent quality standards and exceed the minimum criteria specified by Telstra in the contract. This rope is 6mm in diameter with 2 Blue and 1 Yellow strand.

Polypropylene ropes are often used for pulling cable in construction and telecommunications installations due to their high strength, durability, and resistance to moisture and UV radiation, making it ideal for a variety of outdoor applications

The steps involved in using a polypropylene rope for pulling cable are as follows:

  1. Pre-stretching: Before use, the polypropylene rope should be pre-stretched to ensure that it is taut and ready for pulling.
  2. Attaching the rope to the cable: The rope should be attached to the cable using a cable grip, which is a device that clamps onto the cable and prevents it from slipping.
  3. Pulling the cable: The rope is then used to pull the cable through a conduit or underground duct. A pulling grip or a pulling eye should be attached to the end of the rope to facilitate the pulling process.
  4. Tensioning: Once the cable is in place, the rope can be used to apply tension to the cable to ensure that it is properly secured.
  5. Cleaning up: After the cable has been pulled, the rope should be cleaned and stored properly to extend its lifespan.

Using a polypropylene rope for pulling cable is a cost-effective and efficient method for installing communications and power cables in construction projects.