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Cable Poly Pull Line 3mm x 950m

Cable Poly Pull Line 3mm x 950m



Cable poly pull line is a type of rope or cord used in electrical and telecommunications installations. It is made of a strong and durable polymer material, virgin Polypropylene , that is resistant to abrasion, weathering, and moisture.

The cable poly pull line is used to pull electrical or telecom cables through conduit or ducts. It is attached to the end of the cable and then pulled through the conduit or duct using a pulling device. This allows the installer to easily and efficiently pull the cable through tight spaces or long distances, without the risk of damaging the cable or the conduit.

In some cases, the cable poly pull line may be treated with a lubricant to reduce friction and make the pulling process smoother and easier. The line may also be color-coded to identify the type of cable being pulled, or to distinguish between different runs or installations.

Overall, the cable poly pull line is an essential tool for electrical and telecom technicians and helps to ensure the safe and efficient installation of cables in various settings.


  • Pull line
  • Jetline/Mousing line


  • Premium & Heavy options to suit your application
  • Pull from centre spools in self dispensing cartons for tangle free deployment of lashing
  • 2240 tex with approx breaking strength of 90kg
  • 4500 tex with approx breaking strength of 163k