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Cable Entry Duct Brown/Black

Features & Benefits 

  • Efficient cable direction
  • Easy installation
  • Durable and resilient
  • Reliable cable protection




Experience Effortless Cable Management with the Cable Entry Duct Brown/Black – The Industry’s Trusted “Elephant Trunk”

The Cable Entry Duct Brown/Black revolutionizes cable management by efficiently directing cables up under switch boxes and transformers. With its durable and versatile design, this product ensures a seamless flow of power while prioritizing safety.

Easy Installation and Versatility:

Installing our Cable Entry Duct is a breeze! Its flexible design allows for simple positioning, accommodating various cable types and sizes with ease. Just slide the duct in place and secure it where needed. With its brown/black color, it adds a professional touch and effortlessly blends into any environment.

Unmatched Durability:

Crafted from high-quality materials, our Cable Entry Duct boasts exceptional resilience, even in the harshest conditions. Shield your cables from moisture, dirt, and potential damage with its rugged construction, providing you with complete peace of mind about the safety and security of your power system.

Enhanced Cable Protection:

The Cable Entry Duct or Elephant Trunk acts as a reliable safeguard against wear and tear. Thus meaning extending the lifespan of your cables and reducing maintenance costs. Experience a long-lasting solution to your cable management needs and enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

Seamless Integration – The “Elephant Trunk”:

The Cable Entry Duct Brown/Black effortlessly blends with any underground environment, thanks to its discreet and unobtrusive design. Also known as the “Elephant Trunk” in the industry due to its product shape, it gracefully preserves the aesthetic integrity of residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Safety First:

At our core, we prioritize safety above all else. Rest assured that our Cable Entry Duct complies with stringent industry standards and regulations, therefore delivering unwavering reliability to protect your cables and minimize the risk of accidents, which ensures a secure electrical system.

Time- and Cost-Effective:

Witness the convenience of quick and easy installation, saving valuable time and labor costs. Our Cable Entry Duct’s long-lasting performance significantly reduces maintenance requirements, resulting in substantial cost savings over time.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Cable Entry Duct Brown/Black, brought to you by Convic Australia, the industry’s trusted supplier. With a proven track record of excellence and dedication to quality, durability, and safety, Convic Australia has earned a solid reputation among clients nationwide. For inquiries and orders, don’t hesitate to contact us now and let our team of experts assist you with your cable management needs. Let the “Elephant Trunk” transform your cable organization today!


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