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Cable Pole Guard 150mm

Features & Benefits 

  • Unmatched durability, tough outdoor conditions
  • Enhanced safety, fewer outages & hazards
  • Increased longevity, UV resistance
  • Cost-effective, saves on repairs/replacements




Cable Pole Guard 150mm- The Ultimate Cable Protection Solution

Introducing the Cable Pole Guard 150mm – your superior cable protection solution supplied by Convic Australia. This guard ensures safety and reliability for cables running up power poles, offering unmatched protection against impact, UV light, and vandalism. Crafted from premium moulded UV stabilised black polyethylene, the Cable Guard is designed for durability and optimal cable protection.

Superior Construction for Lasting Performance

Convic Australia supplies the robust Pole Cable Guard, built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance. Additionally, it provides unbeatable protection, reducing maintenance costs significantly.

Protect Your Cables from UV Radiation

Smartly engineered, our supplied pole guard deflects harmful UV rays, ensuring reliable protection under scorching sunlight. With this feature, you can trust the  Pole Guard 150mmto maintain cable integrity over time.

Quick and Hassle-Free Installation

Installing the Cable Guard , supplied by Convic Australia, is a breeze, saving you valuable time and effort. In no time, your cables will be safely protected, ready to withstand various environmental challenges.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Enhance the visual appeal of power poles with the sleek black finish of the Cable Pole Guard, supplied by Convic Australia. Its modern and sleek appearance blends seamlessly with power poles, ensuring both protection and aesthetics.

Applications of Cable Pole Guard
  • Power Utilities: Enhance power distribution networks with the reliable guard supplied by Convic Australia. Ensure uninterrupted power flow with added protection for your cables.
  • Contractors: Provide top-notch cable protection for your clients with confidence. As a contractor, you can rely on the Cable Pole Guard to deliver quality results and satisfied customers.
  • Homeowners: Safeguard residential power connections from potential damage with the Cable Guard. Protect your home’s power infrastructure for years to come.
Invest in Reliable Cable Protection Today

The Pole Guard, supplied by Convic Australia, stands out as the ultimate choice for safeguarding your cables and conduits. Don’t compromise on protection; invest in the Cable Pole Guard 150mmnow to experience the unbeatable combination of quality, performance, and value. Contact us today to speak to our experienced team for more information. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your cables are secure with Convic Australia’s top-notch cable protection solutions.


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