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Cast-Iron Round Rail Collar 1000mm

Features & Benefits

  • Precision Fit: Tailored for the Plastic Round Rail 1000mm Pit.
  • Durable Construction: Resists environmental wear.
  • Fire-Retardant: Protects against flame spread.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Suits both lockable and non-lockable covers.


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1000mm Cast-Iron Round Rail Collar: Tailored for Rail Infrastructure

The 1000mm Cast-Iron Round Rail Collar is designed specifically for the Plastic Round Rail 1000mm Pit. Made from cast iron, this collar provides a precise fit and offers the durability needed for rail infrastructure. Given the demands of rail projects, this collar is built to resist environmental factors and wear, ensuring consistent performance in rail installations.

Supplied and distributed by Convic Australia, this collar further enhances the functionality and safety of the entire rail infrastructure setup.

Precision Fit for Stability

Designed to nestle snugly over the Plastic Round Rail 1000mm Pit, the collar ensures lids remain firmly positioned, enhancing both the aesthetic and the structural strength of the installation.

Secure Lid Fitment

Beyond its core functions, the collar also plays a pivotal role in enhancing the security of the lid fitment. By ensuring a tighter, more secure fit for the lid, the collar significantly boosts the safety profile of the entire installation, particularly in challenging environmental conditions.

Durable and Sturdy Construction

With its hard-wearing cast iron construction, the collar promises long-term durability. When paired with the UV-stabilised polyethylene of the Plastic Round Rail Pit, an additional protective layer is formed, guarding against outdoor adversities.

Safety First with Fire-Retardant Properties

In the critical domain of rail infrastructure, the collar’s fire-resistant nature is invaluable. Its cast iron structure serves as a barrier, effectively mitigating the spread of flames. Moreover, its design and material choice make it ideal for fire safety purposes, further underscoring its importance in rail installations.

Wide-ranging Compatibility for Varied Needs

The collar showcases its versatility by fitting both lockable and non-lockable GMS drop-in covers with precision, especially vital for those selecting lockable variants.

Enhanced Utility with Pit Integration

The Plastic Round Rail 1000mm Pit, known for its flexibility, pairs harmoniously with the collar. Their combined capabilities ensure expansive installations remain both practical and safeguarded.

A Vital Component for Rail Installations

The 1000mm Cast-Iron Round Rail Collar, distributed by Convic Australia, is a cornerstone for successful rail infrastructure projects. When combined with the Plastic Round Rail 1000mm Pit, they represent an unbeatable duo in efficiency and safety. Contact us today to further enquire about this product!




Weight (kg)
Diameter  (mm)
Depth (mm)
64 1208 130



Typical Use
Nominal Wheel Loading (kg)
Serviceability Design Load (Kn)
Ultamite limit state design (kN)

Private and shared residential property. Suitable for vehicles accessing driveways and footways. Low speed only.

Purpose – residential driveways. Unit sites. Parklands. Residential car parks.