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600mm VicRoads Cover Communications Class D

Features & Benefits:

  • Made from premium quality ductile iron
  • Compliant with AS3996-2019
  • Anti-slip surface for enhanced safety
  • Suitable with VicRoads Poly Pits
  • Elevated aesthetics with Bituminous coating
  • Optimized for modern Communications needs.
  • Class D load rating 240 kN for heavy traffic


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600mm VicRoads Cover Communications Class D: The Pinnacle of Roadway Communications Infrastructure

At Convic Australia, we’re not just enhancing infrastructure projects; we’re defining the future of integrated road utility systems. With the Class D VicRoads 600mm Communications Cover, we’re pioneering innovations that streamline roadways with state-of-the-art Communications networks.


Why Our 600mm VicRoads Cover Communications Class D Stands Out:


  • Class D Rating for Heavy-Duty Performance:
    Engineered for the toughest conditions, our Class D rating is a testament to the cover’s resilience and strength. Designed to safely support the weight of large trucks, buses, and other heavy-duty vehicles, it’s built for areas that encounter heavy vehicular traffic, ensuring stability, longevity, and utmost safety for both vehicles and the Communications infrastructure beneath.
  • Unmatched Durability:
    Crafted from top-tier materials and load-rated to EN-124 Class C250, our cover is designed to weather both time and the unpredictable Australian environment.
  • Safety First:
    Prioritizing every interaction, whether pedestrian or vehicular, our cover’s surface ensures minimal slip risk, offering maximum traction even under diverse weather conditions.
  • Seamless Fit for VicRoads Projects:
    Explicitly tailored for VicRoads undertakings, this cover aligns perfectly with VicRoads Traffic Poly Pits. Whether you’re working with the 600mm or 750mm pits, integration is seamless and consistent.
  • Clear and Customizable Utility Pathways:
    Distinguished with the label “Communications ”, our cover allows utility professionals to identify and access Communications pathways effortlessly. Its adaptable design, with a clear opening of 610mm and an overall diameter of 650mm, champions versatility.
  • Elevated Design Aesthetics:
    Beyond functionality, our cover impresses with a visually striking black Bituminous cutback cold applied coating. An exemplar of how roadway infrastructure can be both robust and refined.
  • Quality Assurance with Convic Australia:
    We’re more than just suppliers; we’re collaborators in innovation. When you invest in the 600mm VicRoads Communications Cover, you’re partnering with a legacy of unmatched quality. Every cover not only adheres strictly to AS3996–2019 but is also meticulously designed to meet the specific Communications demands of modern roadways.


Partner with Convic Australia:

The trajectory of advanced infrastructure is marked by the integration of multifunctional utilities. Our Class D 600mm Cover is emblematic of this evolution – a harmonious blend of strength, safety, and superior functionality. Delve into its diverse features with Convic Australia and embark on a journey towards a more interconnected future. Let’s pioneer together. Reach out to us today for a deep dive!


Clear Opening
Load Rating
Cover Dia
Frame Dia
Cover Marking
610 Class D 650 800 53 75 Communications 35


Access Covers & Frames: AS1831

Australian Standards: AS3996 – 2019