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Cast-Iron VicRoads Detector Pit Lid

Designed to fit the Plastic VicRoads Detector Pit

  • 220mm (L) x 220mm (W) x 25mm (H)
  • 2.15 KG
  • Cast Iron

Features & Benefits: 

  • VicRoads approved product
  • Anti-Theft Chain
  • Lightweight & easy to handle


Cast-Iron VicRoads Detector Pit Lid: Secure and Approved Solution

Boosting Infrastructure Protection

The Cast-Iron VicRoads Detector Pit Lid, supplied by Convic Australia, is a product designed to provide robust protection and seamless integration with the Plastic VicRoads Detector Pit. When used together, they establish a comprehensive traffic and pedestrian detection system for roadway infrastructure.

Safety, Durability, and Compliance

The design of the Cast-Iron Detector Lid focuses on safety and durability. Although the lid doesn’t have a load rating, its material allows it to withstand foot traffic and diverse environmental conditions. Manufactured to comply with VicRoads specifications, the lid has received approval from VicRoads, signifying its adherence to regulatory standards and requirements.

Skid Resistance and AS 4586 Standards

Designed to meet the AS 4586 standards, the lid incorporates an anti-slip surface. This design aspect ensures additional safety for pedestrians and vehicles, indicating that the product aligns with industry safety standards and expectations.

Material: Robust Cast Iron

Made from resilient cast iron, the Cast-Iron VicRoads Detector Cover handles daily traffic challenges. Additionally, it preserves the integrity of the Detector Pit.

Security Chain Feature

The VicRoads Detector Pit Lid features a security chain on its underside. This chain, designed for direct attachment to the Detector Pit, acts as a theft deterrent. Hence, it emphasizes the product’s commitment to security.

Convic Australia: Commitment to Excellence

The VicRoads Cast-Iron Detector Pit Cover stands out due to its adherence to VicRoads specifications and AS 4586 standards. Its durable cast iron construction and security chain feature underscore its reliability.

For those seeking a dependable solution for road infrastructure, this product is a prime choice. Convic Australia is committed to delivering reliable roadway infrastructure solutions. The Cast-Iron VicRoads Detector Pit Lid epitomizes this commitment, consistently meeting industry standards.

For more details or inquiries, contact Convic Australia. Let’s enhance our road infrastructure with precision and confidence.



Weight (kg)
Depth (mm)
2.15 220 x 220 25


Detailed Dimensions:


220 220 45 25


*All measurements in millimetres