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Pit Lifter Cast Iron D-Handle (Pair)

D Handle Gatic Lid Lifters (SOLD AS A PAIR)


A pit lifter cast iron D-handle is a tool used for lifting heavy objects from a pit or hole. It is typically made of cast iron and features a D-shaped handle for grip. The tool consists of a short, sturdy rod with a hook or clamp at one end designed to grasp the object being lifted.

To use a pit lifter cast iron D-handle, the hook or clamp is attached to the object to be lifted, and the D-handle is grasped by the user. The user then pulls the handle up, using leverage to lift the object out of the pit or hole. This tool is commonly used in construction, mining, and other heavy-duty industries, where objects need to be lifted from deep trenches or other confined spaces. The cast iron construction of the tool provides durability and strength, allowing it to handle heavy loads.