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Galvanised Round Rail 1000mm Lockable Lid

Features & Benefits:

  • Lockable for security
  • Durable GMS construction for rust resistance.
  • Long-lasting performance in harsh conditions.
  • Complies with AU Standard AS/NZ 3996: 2019
  • Hinged design for secure and easy access.




Plastic Round Rail 1000mm Lockable Lid

Durable Protection with Galvanised Mild Steel (GMS)

Safeguard your assets with the Galvanised Rail 1000mm Lid. Expertly constructed from galvanised mild steel (GMS), it ensures long-lasting performance and resistance against rust and corrosion. This robust lid enhances the longevity of your rail pit, offering an ideal asset protection solution for harsh outdoor environments.

Compliance with Australian Standards

Rest assured, Convic Australia’s Galvanised Rail 1000mm Lockable Lid meets the highest quality and safety standards. With a Class B load rating according to the Australian Standard AS/NZ 3996, this lid delivers reliable performance and compliance with industry requirements.

Locking and Security Capabilities

The 1000mm Rail Lid presents a robust solution tailored for those prioritizing asset security. Crafted for enhanced protection, the lockable version ensures comprehensive control over access, instilling confidence that equipment, electrical components, and sensitive materials are safely enclosed within the pit. Recognizing varying project requirements, a non-lockable version is also available, offering a blend of security and easy accessibility, all while maintaining the same high standards of durability and protection.

Hinged for Safety and Convenience

Prioritizing safety and ease of use, the Galvanised Rail 1000mm Lockable Lid is ingeniously hinged to meet OH&S standards. Experience a secure and straightforward lift of the lid, minimizing risks and providing easy access to your rail pit.

Versatile Compatibility

Create a comprehensive and reliable solution for railway signaling and infrastructure projects by pairing the Galvanised Rail 1000mm Lid with the Plastic Round Rail 1000mm Pit. Whether you require secure enclosures for sensitive equipment or a cost-effective housing for electrical connections, fiber optic cables, and telecommunications gear, this lid and pit combination delivers unmatched performance.

Elevate Your Infrastructure Projects

Invest in the Galvanised Rail 1000mm Lid for your rail infrastructure initiatives. Experience unmatched quality and durability. Convic Australia, your trusted supplier, offers superior products catering to unique sector requirements. Enhance the protection and accessibility of your rail pit with this high-quality, Australian Standards-compliant lid.

Choose Quality. Choose Convic Australia.

Convic Australia, your go-to supplier for top-of-the-line products and reliable solutions that exceed expectations. Discover the full potential of the Round Rail 1000mm Lockable Lid and its compatibility with the Plastic Round Rail 1000mm Lockable Pit. Elevate your infrastructure projects with our trusted range of rail signaling and infrastructure products. Contact us today to speak to one of our experienced staff members.



Weight (kg)
Diameter  (mm)
Depth (mm)
46 1048 54



Manufactured to AS3996:2019


Typical Use
Nominal Wheel Loading (kg)
Serviceability Design Load (Kn)
Ultamite limit state design (kN)

Private and shared residential property. Suitable for vehicles accessing driveways and footways. Low speed only.

Purpose – residential driveways. Unit sites. Parklands. Residential car parks.