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Round Concrete Electrical Service Lid

Designed to fit the Round Electrical Service Pit

  • 390mm (D) x 85mm (D)
  • 19 KG
  • Class A
  • Precast Concrete

Features & Benefits:

  • Steel Reinforce for Increased Strength
  • Made in Australia
  • Nationally approved for key authorities


Round Concrete Electrical Service Lid: The Ultimate in Electrical Utility Safety

Convic Australia offers the Round Concrete Electrical Service Lid, a robust precast concrete cover designed specifically for secure utility access in Electrical applications. Compliant with AU standards and featuring steel-reinforced construction, this lid ensures durability and reliability for the Round Electrical Service Pit.

Convic Australia is proud to supply a premium precast concrete cover engineered to provide secure access to underground Electrical utilities. With a focus on reliability and durability, this lid offers superior performance for various electrical applications.

Exceptional Steel Reinforcement Guarantees Longevity

Manufactured using minimum 40MPa steel-reinforced concrete, the Concrete access cover ensures exceptional strength and durability. Its robust construction guarantees the long-term protection of underground Electrical utilities, even in demanding environments.

National Approval: Assurance of Supreme Quality

The Electrical Service pit lid is nationally approved for Electrical project requirements. Its reliability and adherence to industry standards make it the preferred choice for securing underground electrical access points.

Proudly Australian: Celebrating Local Craftsmanship

Every Concrete Service Lid we offer is a real showcase of Aussie craftsmanship. We’re supportive of local design and making, so you’re getting top-notch utility safety when you choose this lid.

Unwavering Compliance and Superior Materials

Each lid, sculpted from robust, high-strength concrete (exceeding 40MPa), not only adheres to but often surpasses the rigorous Australian Standard AS/NZ 3996. Equipped with a Class A load rating and designed to handle up to 10kN, it remains vigilant, consistently ensuring pedestrian safety above and around underground utilities.

Embrace Superiority with Convic Australia

The importance of safeguarding electrical utilities cannot be overstated. With the Round Concrete Electrical Service Lid, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re investing in unmatched protection, enduring quality, and unwavering peace of mind. As you plan your utility safety measures, ensure you’re partnering with the best: Convic Australia.

Dive deeper into our offerings and understand how the Round Concrete Electrical Service Lid can redefine your standards for utility safety. Contact our knowledgeable team today



Weight (kg)
Diameter  (mm)
Depth (mm)
19 390 60


Detailed Dimensions:


390 85 60

*All measurements in millimetres 

Material Specifications

High strength concrete has a compressive strength of 40MPa or greater. The precast concrete covers are manufactured using steel-reinforced concrete to ensure a minimum of 40MPa. This ensures that the covers remain durable and robust throughout their lifetime.



Typical Use
Nominal Wheel Loading (kg)
Serviceability Design Load (Kn)
Ultamite limit state design (kN)

Areas accessible strictly by pedestrians. Not suited to vehicles.

Purpose – residential backyards. Walkways not accessible by vehicles.