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Plastic Round Rail 1000mm Downer Pit

Features & Benefits:

  • Essential for railway signaling
  • Corrugated design outer wall for structural integrity
  • Compliant with Australian Standards
  • Reliable long-term use
  • Cost-effective solution
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Plastic Round Rail 1000mm Downer Pit: Versatile Solution for Rail Signalling and More

The Plastic Round Rail 1000mm Downer Pit is a highly versatile and durable pit body designed specifically for railway signalling applications. With its adaptability and robust construction, this pit serves as a reliable solution for various rail infrastructure projects, including electrical and communications installations.

Railway Signalling and Beyond:

Railway signalling is vital for safe train operations, managing movements, and ensuring traffic flow. The Round Plastic Rail Pit is crucial for these installations, providing a secure enclosure for sensitive equipment.

Beyond railway signalling, this pit serves electrical and communications infrastructure. It offers a cost-effective solution for housing essential equipment like electrical connections, fiber optic cables, and telecommunications gear.

Durability and Compliance:

Manufactured by trusted suppliers using a rotational moulding process and black ultraviolet light stabilised polyethylene material, the Plastic Round Rail Downer Pit guarantees durability and resilience against harsh outdoor conditions.

Australian Standards & Load Rating:

Meeting strict requirements for installation and long-term use, the pit conforms to Class A applications under the Australian Standard AS/NZ 3996. Additionally, under specific conditions, it can achieve a Class B rating with a load capacity of 10kN.

Depth and Benefits:

The Plastic Round Rail 1000mm Downer Pit offers a depth of 550mm, making it suitable for various rail projects. Its primary benefit lies in its versatility as it can also be used as a riser for the 1000mm pit, allowing flexible configurations. This reliable and compliant pit provides ample space for electrical components and connections, ensuring efficient railway signalling and supporting electrical and communications infrastructure projects. Choose this pit for unmatched quality and adaptability in your infrastructure initiatives.

Customizable Options:

The Downer Round Rail Pit offers various options to suit specific needs. It comes with a cast iron collar for enhanced stability and durability. Additionally, you can choose between lockable and non-lockable lids, providing added security and access control for your rail pit.

Invest in Unmatched Quality:

Choose the Plastic Round Rail Downer 1000mm Pit for reliable, robust solutions that exceed expectations. This pit is essential for railway signalling, support electrical and communication networks, which elevate infrastructure projects. Contact us today to discover the full potential of the Plastic Round Rail Downer 1000mm Pit for your infrastructure initiatives.



Weight (kg)
Clear Opening
35KG 1140 550 1000


Detailed Dimensions:


1040 1140 1060 550 1040 1215 1140


*All measurements in millimetres 


AS/NZ 3996