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Telstra Communications Pit Lid Lifter

Telstra Manhole Pit Key Lifter


A Telstra Communications pit lid lifter is a tool used to lift and remove manhole or access covers in the telecommunications infrastructure. It is specifically designed for use by Telstra Communications.

The tool consists of a long, sturdy rod with a hook or clamp at one end that is designed to securely grip the pit lid or cover. The user grasps the other end of the rod and uses leverage to lift the lid from its opening. This tool is typically used in the telecommunications industry for access to underground cable and conduit systems.

To use a Telstra Communications pit lid lifter, the hook or clamp is attached to the pit lid or cover and the user pulls the rod upward to lift the lid from its opening. The tool provides a safe and efficient method for accessing underground cable systems, allowing technicians to perform maintenance and repairs without having to manually lift heavy pit lids by hand.