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Galvanised Steel Lid 600mm Class B

  • Robust Construction:
    • Premium galvanised steel.
    • Ensures durability and long life.
  • Class B Load Rating:
    • Guarantees safety in light-trafficked areas.
  • Versatile Applications:
    • Suitable for drainage, electrical, communications & more.
  • Ease of Installation:
    • Hassle-free setup.
  • Security Option:
    • Enhances lid security.
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Galvanised Steel Lid 600mm Class B

The Galvanised Steel Lid 600mm Class B is engineered primarily for surface water drainage, this versatile lid ensures efficient water redirection, enhancing the safety and durability of your spaces. Beyond its principal function, it caters to electrical, communications, or any bespoke application. Compatible with both the Plastic Square Poly Pit 600mm and the deeper 900mm option, this lid integrates effortlessly.

The 600mm Galv lid holds a Class B rating, purposefully crafted for private and shared residential properties. This includes areas like residential driveways, unit sites, parklands, and residential car parks. Being suitable for vehicles accessing driveways and footways at low speeds, it ensures the safety of both pedestrians and light vehicles. Its solid construction positions it as the go-to for both residential settings and light commercial applications where high-speed or heavy goods vehicles are prohibited. Guarantee the safety and longevity of your spaces with our Class B lids.


The 600mm galvanised steel access cover is a symbol of meticulous engineering and craftsmanship. Made from premium galvanised steel, its durability is matchless. Its design not only boasts strength but is also conceived for simple handling by a single person. It strikes the right balance between resilience and practicality, making it a trustworthy choice for various applications.

Ease of Installation:

User-centric by design, the 600mm galvanised steel access cover promises an uncomplicated installation process. Paired with the traditional pits from the same series, which are equally straightforward to set up, they together offer an integrated drainage solution. Suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and seasoned professionals.

Feature Summary:

  • Ease of Installation: Seamless integration and setup.
  • Adaptability: Suitable for residential areas with both pedestrian and light vehicle movement.
  • Load Rating: Class B certification, ideal for driveways, residential car parks, and similar areas.
  • Commercial Surface Drainage Solution: Apt for driveways, residential car parks, and any areas with controlled traffic.
  • Security Enhancement: Lock down security grate kits available for added protection.
Choose Convic Australia:

For those in search of reliable drainage solutions tailored for private residential properties and light commercial applications, Convic Australia is your premier choice. As the trusted supplier and distributor of the Galvanised Steel Lid 600mm Class B, our team stands ready to assist. Engage with us for a deeper insight or to understand how this product aligns with your unique project specifications.



External Dimensions
(Measurement of the external perimeter)
685mm 685mm 50mm
Weight 29.20kg


The galvanised access cover range is designed and built for a Class B load rating, meeting the Australian Standard AS/NZ 3996. 

Typical Use
Nominal Wheel Loading (kg)
Serviceability Design Load (Kn)
Ultamite limit state design (kN)

Private and shared residential property. Suitable for vehicles accessing driveways and footways. Low speed only.

Purpose – residential driveways. Unit sites. Parklands. Residential car parks.