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Plastic Round VicRoads 750mm Pit

Features & Benefits:

  • VicRoads Approved
  • Corrugated design outer wall for structural integrity
  • Australian Designed & Made
  • Light weight
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Reliable long-term use
  • Cost-effective solution
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Introducing the Essential Plastic Round VicRoads 750mm Pit: Approved for Quality and Reliability by VicRoads

VicRoads approves the Plastic Round VicRoads 750mm Pit for Communications, Electrical, and Traffic Signal road applications. It guarantees absolute compliance and excellence as per the spec drawing called “Conduit Arrangements for the 750mm Round Electrical Cable Pit (TC-2201),” set by the Victorian Road Authority. These VicRoads-approved pits are not only vital for road projects but also offer reliable solutions for road-related cable installations.

Australian-Made and Designed for Unmatched Quality

At Convic Australia, we take immense pride in supporting local industries, and the pits exemplify this commitment. Rest assured, the 750mm VicRoads Pit is both designed and proudly manufactured on home soil, ensuring exceptional quality.

Compliance with Australian Standards: Safety and Reliability Assured

As an Australian-made product, the pits strictly adhere to Australian Standards, ensuring safety, reliability, and outstanding performance for electrical cabling, telecommunications, and road infrastructure applications.

UV-Stabilized for Long-Lasting Performance

To withstand outdoor installations, the pits are crafted with UV-stabilized polyethylene material. This crucial feature ensures utmost durability and resistance to harsh environmental elements like sunlight. Bid farewell to worries about degradation due to UV radiation exposure, as our round 750mm VicRoads pits maintain superior performance throughout their lifespan.

Lightweight with Corrugated Design for Structural Integrity

The 750mm polyethylene pit strikes a perfect balance of lightweight construction for easy handling and transportation. Additionally, its robust corrugated design outer wall enhances structural integrity, instilling confidence in its exceptional performance under various conditions.

Versatile Cover Options: Choose What Suits You Best

Convic Australia offers an extensive range of lids to suit the VicRoads 750mm Traffic pit. Choose from various options, whether you prefer blank lids or those with “Communication,” “Electrical,” or “Traffic Signal” markings. To cater to your unique requirements, you can also select between Class B or D options. Moreover, these lids can be used on both the 750mm and 600mm VicRoads Plastic Poly pits.

750mm VicRoads Pit: A Preferred Solution

The Plastic Round VicRoads 750mm Pit stands out as a preferred solution, offering exceptional versatility and wide popularity for efficient cable management. It is the ideal choice for more complex junctions with 3+ conduits entering the pit, perfectly accommodating the same lid and providing a tailored solution to meet your specific needs. However, for standard cable management requirements, the Plastic Round VicRoads 600mm Pit remains a reliable and popular choice, delivering top-notch performance for a wide range of road-related installations.

Choose Convic Australia for Top-Notch Solutions

When it comes to top-notch quality, unparalleled reliability, and extraordinary durability, Convic Australia’s Plastic Round VicRoads 750mm Pit stands out as the ultimate choice. With VicRoads’ approval, full compliance with Australian Standards, UV-stabilized material, and a perfect blend of lightweight design and robustness, it emerges as the ideal solution for your cable installation needs. Leverage our extensive expertise and unwavering commitment to Australian-made products by choosing Convic Australia for all your underground cable management requirements. Reach out to us today to explore the boundless possibilities and secure your order. Trust Convic Australia to be your unwavering partner in the dynamic world of cable management solutions.



Weight (kg)
Clear Opening
35KG 750 1050 620


Detailed Dimensions:


750 620 1050



*All measurements in millimetres 


Conduit Arrangements for the 750mm Round Electrical Cable Pit (TC-2201)

Standard Drawing: Pit & Conduit arrangements for 600mm Round Electrical Cable Pit (TC-2200)


AS/NZ 3996