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Plastic VicRoads Detector Pit

Features & Benefits

  • Efficient Traffic Management: Streamlines traffic light transitions for smoother traffic flow.
  • Enhanced Pedestrian Safety: Ensures safety at intersections with reliable pedestrian detection.
  • Durable HDPE Material: Crafted from High-Density Polyethylene for long-lasting performance.
  • Optional Cast Iron Lid: Provides added security and protection for the pit.
  • Compliance with Standards: Made to VicRoads TC-1310, AS 4586, and AS3996 – 2019 standards for quality assurance.




Plastic VicRoads Detector Pit: Revolutionizing Traffic Management

Convic Australia is your trusted supplier for roadway infrastructure projects, providing the innovative Plastic VicRoads Detector Pit, actively transforming traffic and pedestrian detection.

Driving Traffic & Pedestrian Detection Forward

Our Detector Pit actively advances traffic and pedestrian detection. It excels in two crucial areas: efficiently managing traffic light transitions and ensuring pedestrian safety at intersections. This active contribution enhances the operation of roadways, fostering safer and more efficient urban landscapes.

Manufactured to TC-1310 standards, our pit meets VicRoads specifications, ensuring uncompromised quality. Proudly Australian-made, it adheres to the high standards of AS3996 – 2019, showcasing excellence in local engineering and design.

The Pit’s Key Material: HDPE

The Detector Pit is crafted from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), chosen for its exceptional qualities. HDPE demonstrates outstanding durability, resistance to wear, corrosion, and impact, making it the ideal choice for a pit that must endure daily traffic challenges and diverse weather conditions.

Enhanced Security with the Cast Iron Lid

To further enhance the Plastic VicRoads Detector Pit’s durability and security, we offer an optional cast iron lid. Designed with a provision for a security chain and easy attachment directly to the pit, this robust lid, compliant with AS 4586, is available for separate purchase. It effectively complements the pit, providing reliable coverage and actively safeguarding its integrity under various conditions. If additional protection is required, this lid is an ideal solution ready for deployment.

Convic Australia: Your Trusted Supplier

Convic Australia takes pride in being your trusted supplier of the Plastic VicRoads Detector Pit. While we don’t manufacture or distribute the product, we specialize in providing top-quality solutions that meet the highest industry standards. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to enhancing roadway infrastructure make us a dependable partner in your pursuit of safer, smarter, and more efficient urban landscapes.

By choosing Convic Australia and the Plastic VicRoads Detector Pit, you actively embrace the future of road infrastructure with confidence. Together, we drive progress and create a better tomorrow. Contact us today for more information!”



Weight (kg)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Clear Opening
2 248 248 395 223 x 223


Detailed Dimensions:


248 223 248 223 395 395


*All measurements in millimetres