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Plastic Square Poly Pit Riser 450mm

  • Elevated Depth: Enhances Polymer Stormwater pit capacity for improved drainage.
  • Lightweight Polyethylene: Ensures effortless handling and swift installation.
  • Seamless Fit: Designed for optimal compatibility with standard pits.
  • Economical: Reduces need for extensive excavations, saving time and resources.
  • Durable Design: Crafted to resist environmental factors, ensuring long-term performance.
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Plastic Square Poly Pit Riser 450mm: Efficient Drainage Solution for Today’s Infrastructure

Effective drainage is a cornerstone of any successful infrastructure project. With increasing complexities in architectural designs and city planning, having the right tools and materials is paramount. Enter the Plastic Square Poly Pit Riser 450mm. This riser is made to increase the depth of the Plastic Square Poly Pit 450mm, extending them by an 300mm, thereby ensuring deeper underground pipelines are easily accommodated.

Purpose of a Pit Riser:

Pit risers are crucial components in drainage systems. The primary function of a pit riser is to augment the depth of stormwater pits. The 450mm Pit Riser, constructed from Polyethylene, embodies this purpose. Its lightweight nature combined with its compatibility with standard pits streamlines the installation process. Moreover, by utilizing a riser, there’s a marked reduction in the necessity for deep excavations, which minimizes the potential for damage to existing structures. This approach is not only efficient but also economically beneficial, offering a balance of cost-effectiveness and flexibility to construction projects.

Key Features and Benefits:
  • Material Excellence: The UV stabilised recycled plastic construction offers unmatched durability, ensuring the riser’s longevity even in challenging environments.
  • Prioritizing Safety: The availability of lock-down security grate kits is a testament to the product’s commitment to safety, ensuring all grates remain firmly anchored.
  • Adaptable Design: Whether it’s a bustling commercial driveway or expansive carparks, the riser’s design effortlessly meets diverse requirements.
  • Standards and Compliance: Meeting the AS3996 Class A or B Load Ratings isn’t just a specification; it’s a promise of quality, safety, and reliability in commercial settings.
  • Sustainable Construction: The use of 100% UV stabilised recycled plastic signifies a commitment to eco-responsible construction methods.
Partner with Convic Australia:

Rely on Convic Australia for quality and innovation. As a recognized supplier and approved distributor of the Plastic Square Poly Pit Riser 450mm, our team is ready to assist with expertise and dedication. Reach out for more information or to discuss your project’s unique requirements.



Internal Dimensions
(Measurement of the internal perimeter)
457mm 457mm 330mm
External Dimensions
(Measurement of the external perimeter)
562mm 562mm 380mm
Weight 5kg